Posted by: thescoundrel | October 7, 2008

Barack Obama Political Ally ACORN in Trouble – Again

ACORN the political action group closely tied to Barack Obama is being investigated again. The records of their Las Vegas Nevada branch were seized by investigators researching possible fraud in the Nevada elections. Being busted for voting fraud is nothing new for ACORN since they have members that were convicted of previous acts of voting fraud including an incident that concerned over 1700 falsified voting registrations in Washington. According to sources, Obama was part of a group hiding ACORN some pork money in the recent bailout legislation. Barack Obama- still out proving he is an Agent of Shame and No Agent of Change.

Another Acorn Link: Obama makes hidden payments to ACORN.



  1. There is more voter fraud going on than just Acorn the Supporter of Obama. I’m sure that there are others supporting Obama from a shady operation! Good Post!

  2. I fully expect voter fraud. It has been going on since the vote was invented. What is so funny is Obama claims to be this Mr Clean Jeans Political Candidate. Yet all of these stunts reek of his background inside Chicago Dirty Politics.

    More interesting links involving the Ohio voting fraud:

  3. Early voting starts here on Monday and I had considered doing that so I could just get the danged election behind me.

    But then I remembered my experience with early voting during the primary and how a local Dem honcho looked over my shoulder to see how I was voting, then hectored me to vote for those without opponents (i.e. Hare and Durbin), which I never do.

    After the touch screen machine spat out the paper ballot, he grabbed it from me. So he knew my name, where I lived and who I voted for—I’ll never do it again!

    I intend to make many non-traditional choices when I vote on November 4, and I don’t want the Politburo snooping on me—at least any more than they already do!

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