Posted by: thescoundrel | October 8, 2008

Son of Tennessee Democrat Politician Indicted For Breaking Into Sarah Palin’s Accounts

David Kernell, son of Tennessee Democrat State Representative Mike Kernell, has been indicted for breaking into Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin’s E-Mail accounts. Kernell, a University of Tennessee college student, was charged with illegally breaking into Palin’s accounts, obtaining private information and posting that information on a public Web Site. I guess David must be minoring in Watergate Style Politics to accompany his economics studies. His politician daddy better have good friends in high legal places that owe daddy Kernell some political favors! According to a Duncan Mansfield article, Kernell faces up to five years in prison, a $250,000 fine and three years of monitored parole for his escapade. Oops! This will not look good on his résumé. I suppose it could be a political career break if he wants to join the Democrat Legislative Party. Maybe they could turn to Teddy Kennedy for advice. After all, Teddy and the Kennedy family seem to excel at breaking the law while still getting reelected to fat paying political jobs. Teddy even managed to turn a drunken driving vehicular manslaughter event into a life sentence of sucking off the teats of the US Taxpayer as a Senator from Massachusetts. Poor little rich boy Teddy Kennedy – And when I returned Mary Jo and the car were gone! Kennedy would make the perfect mentor for young Kernell to teach him how to avoid justice and prosper from breaking the law.



  1. Another view on the Kernell hacking of Palin’s accounts can be found at this link.

  2. Something tells us he won’t get hard time on this. If that’s true it will set him up for a future in politics.

  3. My guess is he will be spanked by Charlize Theron, fined and then forced to work 30 hours community service handing out election fliers with Charlize for the Democrat Party.

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