Posted by: thescoundrel | October 10, 2008

Barack Obama Enters Bill Ayers Spin Mode – Again

Now that the Obama’s connections to Terrorist Bill Ayers has come into a more public arena, His Holiness, Pope Obama, has once again put his campaign in truthiness spin mode. Obama whom was a relative unknown to most people – has had a lot of dirty skeletons dragged out of his closet since his decision to become President of the United States. And they have had to be dragged out because the press/media has been in bed with Obama from the start of his campaign. They helped him upset the favorite-to-win in the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton. And now they are steamrolling the effort to help Obama defeat McCain. If not for the Internet many of Obama’s lack of qualifications to be President, ignored and swept under the carpet by the mainstream media, would have never been exposed. This is especially true of his connections to unrepentant Terrorist Bill Ayers. The mainstream media has done their best to wipe the connection away as just happenstance and innocent lack of knowledge. Yet Obama’s most recent spin washes away any doubt of his awareness of whom and what Ayers was. The connection was originally explained away as a momentary association to a college professor that just lived in the neighborhood and then was spun into – well we sit on some of the same organizational boards. The newest spin is that Obama thought that Terrorist Ayers was rehabilitated. Gee where have we heard this type of truthiness spin before! Oh, only every time an Obama associate is found to have uncivilized actions in his past. Time after time Obama friends and allies are exposed as miscreants and time after time Obama re-spins his connections to the individuals. Time after Time Obama is exposed as a liar and an individual willing to associate with any aberrant-behaving individual in order to climb the political ladder towards success. Yet the oblivious disciples of the would-be Messiah, Obama, continue to chant their mindless and empty mantra – Change-Hope-Obama! The mantra they should be chanting is Spin-Lie-Obama-Spin!


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