Posted by: thescoundrel | October 13, 2008

No More Brotherly Love in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, the birthplace of US democracy. The location where the founding fathers scribed and signed the Declaration of Independence.The home of the home of the US Capital during the early birthing pains of our government. Home of many historical sites, important US Patriots/Citizens and events. The city has several nicknames including –>The Birthplace of America, The Cradle of liberty and the more widely known  “The City of Brotherly Love”. The city motto is–> Let Brotherly Love Endure. The entomology of the name Philadelphia translates brotherly love. Yet somewhere in time, the City has quit earning it’s nickname. Many of the city’s citizens take pride in its notorious reputation for having the rudest and most spiteful sports fans. The city has been overrun by crime and violence. So I suppose it is not all that surprising when I read about the hostile reception given Republican VP nominee by the Obamanation of Philadelphia! In what has become a situation similar to the Democrat Bush Deranged it seems that Obama supporters have succumbed to the Palin Derangement Syndrome. Perhaps the city should consider changing its name from Philadelphia to Misanthropolis.

This campaign seems to be generating hostile factions from both Major Party camps. The two camps have managed to stir-up the loyal followers with their political rhetoric both Obama and McCain have had to ask the rabid to tone down their words and actions. If they are asking for calm then they must figure they have lost control of their respective crowds. I can only imagine the spewing hatred that will erupt from the Obama side, after listening to years of mindless rage following the POTUS losses by Al “The Goracle” Gore and John Kerry, if by some odd chance Obama does lose to McCain. It would be fun to watch except considering how lathered-up the Deranged have become it could get violent.



  1. We have troops that can quell the violence. It will not allowed to get that bad.

  2. We had troops before during riots but things still got out of hand. We had troops during the Lincoln Presidency era and they wound up going to war against their brothers and sisters over states rights. Sometimes, when anger reaches the boiling point, all you can do with violence is contain it. Sometimes it is not containable. Then you have widespread violent conflict and maybe even War.

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