Posted by: thescoundrel | October 15, 2008

Obama and ACORN Expanding Chicago Tombstone Voting Tradition

Thanks to the Voter Fraud Cronies of Messiah Barack Obama, ACORN, and a Democrat Secretary of State – the State of Ohio is about to face the difficult job of checking out its voter registrations validity before the coming POTUS election. A Federal court has ruled that since the group ACORN has mucked up even more, the already sullied reputation of USA Voter Registration –> Ohio must devise a suitable verifiable method of checking all the new voters registered. Ouch, over 666,000 (that is kind of an ominous number for a messiah) registrations to check! This has come about since it came to public knowledge that ACORN representatives, out working the streets for their messiah- The Holy Obama, had decided to falsify a high percentage of new voter registrations. There were several different fraud allegations in Ohio being looked at by the justice system. A Columbus group has went as far as filing RICO charges against ACORN. In one case where investigators were checking out–> a batch of 5000 new registered voters, the investigation group found about half of the registrations bad. 😳 Included in the finds registered to vote were –> dead people, a sandwich shop named Jimmy Johns and one guy that did not even live in the state that was registered so many times they were not sure of the actual total. It seems that Barack Obama is trying to bring that well-known Chicago practice/tradition of “Vote Early – Vote Often, even if You are a Tombstone” to the 2008 Presidential election.



  1. […] sinking deeper and deeper into voter fraud quicksand. From the very start there was indications of Obama/ACORN Chicago Style Tombstone voting practices being perpetrated. As I talked of in a previous post; the Obama DOJ – questionably dropped  voter fraud […]

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