Posted by: thescoundrel | October 19, 2008

QC Illinois Man Charged with Plotting to Assassinate President Bush and John McCain

The Democrat and Republican Party have managed to whip their respective constituents into a mindless political frenzy over the last several years. This year it has started to reach extreme proportions. The Republican Party has been using the image of Bill Clinton to keep their people stirred-up. The Democrat Party has managed to generate an even larger lynch mob mentality by mesmerizing the mob with their attempts to crucify George Bush. It has only been just about a week since both candidates for President -Obama and McCain- has felt it necessary to calm their respective assemblies from overt hostility expressed by the crowds.

So I guess considering the two-party rhetoric and mob-mentality created by the talking heads of each party–> it should come as No Surprise to anyone that a young Rock Island, Illinois member of the Bush Deranged has been arrested and charged with plotting to harm and kill George Bush and John McCain. The man had evidently written letters threatening George Bush back in January of 2007. During the recent McCain visit to Davenport, Iowa -the man strapped with a weapon, apparently sat in a vehicle down the block from the River Center – where John McCain was speaking. According to a Brian Krans story on QCOnline, the guy first told Secret Service Agents that he had overheard individuals plotting to kill McCain. The story changed three days later when he turned himself in and then claimed to be part of a plot to kill McCain during the visit. He was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. While there he told staff and the police that he would kill Bush and McCain. Okay. I am guessing that he better hope that the hospital finds him a seriously mentally incompetent person, otherwise he probably finds himself living in the hospitality of Federal Prison. Oh what a tangled web the two political parties have weaved with their Pied Piper campaigns

Link to complete Brian Krans story


The insanity created by Party Rhetoric continues–> Link.

We are going to be damned lucky if we get out of this campaign without someone getting seriously injured.



  1. Pretty sure mental illness inflicts without discrimination to party allegiance…

    but it sure would be an interesting statistic.

    Dollars to donuts though, that any correlations you find lie along socio-economic factors (that partially overlap political affiliation) more than anything.

  2. It’s surprising more of this isn’t happening.

    Assassination has always been with us—-I think Reagan was the last target, but the fact that the local would-be assassin was parroting talking points like McCain being “a liar, manipulator not suited for the position as leader of this country” makes me think he is probably one of the local leftwing bloggers. 😀

  3. If McCain happens to pull a miracle out of his hat, as he did with the Republican nomination process, and beats Obama–> Katy-bar-the-door! When you have people that follow blindly, like the Obama worshipers, it can become an unsafe environment. Especially when you consider the hatred that the Democrat party leadership has been stoking since the Al Goracle loss.

  4. […] very little national press notice, it was just a few days back on October 19th when the Quad Cities arrested a young man for plotting to kill John McCain and President Bush. Now just a few days later it is reported that two skinheads have been arrested in Tennessee for […]

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