Posted by: thescoundrel | October 21, 2008

QC Illinois Illegal Immigrant Case to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has decided to accept a legal case regarding an illegal immigrant that was working in East Moline, Illinois. The case is to determine that if an individual is arrested on illegal immigration charges, can that person also be prosecuted for identity theft for using counterfeit identifications belonging to actual citizens. When I read this case I think –> No-Brainer! If a criminal is guilty of multiple transgressions- then prosecute him or her for whatever acts they have committed. Alas, 🙄 that is evidently a concept too simple to grasp for our legal system, which is chocked full of shyster lawyers and lunatic judges: since this case has been argued all the way to the Supreme Court. Is there any wonder that waiting for justice in our legal system is more erratic and slow than the 249 year orbit it takes Pluto to revolve around the Sun?

More Information on this story at this Link.




    Has anyone noticed that neither John McCain nor Barack Obama are talking about what they are going to do with the 15 to 20 million illegal aliens that are in this country?

    Ever wonder why the members of our nation’s media have not asked the candidates any questions on this subject during the debates? The answer is simple. The majority of American citizens would not like their answers.

    Well, here’s a brief summary of McCain’s and Obama’s positions for you:

    John McCain:

    Rather than throwing illegal aliens out of the country, John McCain has voted in the past to extend social security benefits to the illegals who illegally enter our country, take jobs from American citizens, bankrupt our state and local governments with welfare costs, overload our schools at the expense of local taxpayers, bankrupt our hospitals because they don’t pay their medical bills, and overload our criminal justice system with criminals. McCain co-sponsored the Senate immigration bill that would have legalized millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. and still backs what he calls a “sensible” guest-worker program for workers who are in the country without legal documentation ( a nice way of saying illegal aliens), although he has recently called for strengthening penalties for those who hire undocumented immigrants.

    Barack Obama:

    He has voted to continue to provide federal funds for declared “sanctuary cities,” voted for the Senate immigration overhaul bill was supposed to strengthen border controls, although the bill would also create an expanded guest-worker program and eventually legalize millions of undocumented foreign workers ( a nice way of saying illegal aliens) who are here now. He has sponsored a bill to allow states to offer illegal immigrants in-state tuition and has also supported giving driver licenses to illegal aliens who have no legal right to be in this country, never mind driving on our roads.

    If we want to switch the subject to the economic crisis brought about by fraudelent mortgages, why aren’t McCain and Obama asked to comment on the fraudulent home mortgages that were given to illegal aliens that was spelled out in a recent report of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    The problem began years ago when the federal government began their social engineering experiments in housing with the American taxpayers’ money. In the name of political correctness, diversity and so-called fairness, congress and the executive branch began coercing the banks into giving mortgages to people who would normally never qualify for mortgages. The banks (with federal loan guarantees from Fannie Mae) became willing partners in this scam and gave mortgages to millions of people with bad credit histories, without confirming the borrowers’ social security numbers, employment, true identification or even their legal status in the country. As a result, millions of illegal aliens were given home mortgages which they could not afford and to many who had no intention of ever making a payment.

    “When is the last time you applied for a car loan, a personal loan or a mortgage and did not have to provide valid identification or a social security number? The answer is never.

    I believe there is no fundamental difference between the McCain and the Obama approaches to dealing with illegal immigration. No matter which candidate wins the election, it will be up to the American people (again) to keep them from giving the illegal aliens amnesty.

    John Wallace
    NY Campaign for Liberty

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