Posted by: thescoundrel | October 24, 2008

Pass the Beans and Broccoli then Pull My Finger

Science has once again kinda-sorta come to the rescue of mankind and their predilection for performing crude/vulgar behavior. According to an article in Live Science by Amelia Tomas, science has determined that the hydrogen sulfide, which creates the rotten-egg smell in farts, is actually crucial in lowering blood pressure. It seems the body uses the hydrogen sulfide inside your body’s cells to create a chemical reaction that causes your blood vessels to relax. I guess what we expel must be leftover leftovers! Whoo Hoo 😀 pass the broccoli, cabbage and beans so I can make my doctor smile, then pull my finger!

Christmas is rushing upon us and keeping with this post and theScoundrels fascination with gifts-less-ordinary –> pull my finger! 😉



  1. My body is made up of about 80 percent hydrogen sulfide…will you pull my finger?

  2. I gotta show this post to the wife. I’ve been telling her for years that’s why my blood pressure is low.

  3. Thanks TBOM but I generate enough of my own gas in a day to power Chicago for a month. 😉

  4. LOL – Cruiser! Why do I get the feeling she ain’t gonna be impressed with this scientific study!

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