Posted by: thescoundrel | October 25, 2008

More Obama Drama – Granny Claims he was Born in Kenya

After reading a story questioning Barack Obama being a legal natural born citizen I put forth the question several posts back–> Where does the election process go if the Barack Obama falsified birth certificate accusations turn out to be factual. The questions and links surrounding Obama’s birth certificate have evidently flooded Greta Wire. There are still legal questions surrounding the copy of his birth certificate plus the newest information is that his paternal grandmother has apparently stated on tape that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. The amount of lawsuits challenging Obama’s birth record are growing. Perhaps only his hair dresser knows for sure! 🙂

Now it would not surprise me if the information is true and that Mommy and Daddy Obama had fixed things up for bouncing baby Barack to make it appear he was born in the USA –>if he really was born in Kenya. It would have been the smart move for his future. Plus, at that time I doubt that any of them would have considered the possibility of bouncing baby Barack growing up to be POTUS plus Messiah and having to face all this public scrutiny. But if all this information continues to snowball and the accusers are proved correct, then a lot of politicians are going to have a lot of rotten egg on their faces to clean. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock, time is running out before election day. Somebody better start doing some fancy dancing because the fact versus fiction has yet to be sorted! And I ponder again, just where do we go from here if the information proves correct. Somebody please pass me some popcorn and an ice cold Mt. Dew: I don’t want to get up and risk missing any episodes of the current Obamadrama show.



  1. Atlas Shrugs posts about Obama COLB forgery.

  2. You have to love our court systems. Once again they find a way to dodge the question. So instead of clearing up this mess they have deepened the conspiracy image by ruling that the individual that was behind the Obama birth certificate lawsuit lacked standing to pursue the venue. Now that’s entertainment! 🙂

    For those readers interested in more information about the lawsuit you can click on the following links, enjoy:

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