Posted by: thescoundrel | October 28, 2008

Stalking the Wild Life – Ditch the Little Black Dress

According to a Live Science article based upon a University of Rochester psychological study, women dressed in red are significantly more physically attractive to the male of the human species. In a series of tests using photographs – the same women were continually rated as more attractive when attired in red than when they were dressed in other colors. In a follow-up test the men also expressed a willingness to spend cash more freely on a woman when dressed in red. I guess the conclusion is that if a woman is out stalking the wild life – ditch the little black dress for something in sizzling red!

Okay we guys are shallow when it comes to pretty women. That is a no brainer. And I will freely admit that when a woman walks in to a room in wearing a red dress I am more likely to notice. On the other hand I don’t agree that I personally find women wearing a red dress more attractive. Now a woman walking into a room dressed in a black miniskirt and fishnet stockings, that turns me into the same drooling imbecile that is rampant among the rest of mankind.



  1. We notice what they’re wearing? Man, I gotta start paying attention.

  2. Um, where exactly have you seen these women with the black miniskirts and fishnet stockings?

    Especially the fishnet stockings!

  3. LOL Cruiser. Not noticing a lady in red can keep you out of the doghouse, when your lady is in the room!

    QCEx, on women mostly! Though I did have a would be Romeo friend chase down a black mini dress and fish nets only to be disappointed at what he found wearing the outfit! I did not bother tell him who he was chasing. I figured he could find out that information on his own. He did and I had a good LOL.

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