Posted by: thescoundrel | November 1, 2008

Barack Obama – World Champion Fraud and Liar

Probable next leader of the USA, Barack Obama, continues to assert he is extremely ignorant. Every time negative information surrounding him, his family or friends is exposed he claims he is unaware of the circumstances surrounding the situation. The most recent revelation is that Obama’s aunt is an illegal alien. Oops, 😳 that has to be embarrassing for a POTUS wannabe during a period of vast antipathy towards illegal aliens inside the USA. But in true Obama fashion–> HE DON’T KNOW HER! Well except for the time when he felt the need to exploit their family relationship in his book! I guess it was just time for Obama to throw Aunty under the bus along with all his other associations, well except Terrorist Bill Ayers! I must assume they are evidently still at kissy-face intensity since Obama has not officially thrown his relationship with Ayers under the bus. But with Aunty, once again Obama pleads his case that he is just completely unaware of his surroundings. So which is it? Is Obama just the most ignorant politician in the World that is also about to become leader of the Superpower Country USA? Or is Obama, while hiding behind his phony messages and promises of change, the most opportunist liar in the pack of USA politicians seeking to be POTUS in the 2008 election? Since I don’t believe he is stupid – that leaves me believing that the would be Messiah, Obama is the current holder of the World Champion Fraud & Liar of the World! I guess we need to create him a pretentious championship belt like they wear in Professional Wrestling.



  1. Let’s see, auntie is an illegal alien living in a slum, brother is living in a cave in Kenya, wife is apparently making racist comments on tape, he hangs with terrorists, communists, pedophiles (Frank Marshall Davis)…and that’s all right. Change we can believe in.

  2. Perhaps Bill Clinton tutored him.

  3. I have yet to see any element of change displayed by Obama. Nor do I expect to see anything other than a typical Chicago Political Crook in action from Obama.

    It is a thought Cruiser but Bill and the messiah do not seem to hit it off all that well. I think Bill is wanting back in the White House under most any terms and Obama being in the White House would many competition for Bill when it came to chasing intern skirts around the bedrooms.

    I suspect Obama came by lying real natural. After all his mentor, Emile Jones, is a Blago thug. And add working in Chicago politics would require a politician able to skirt the facts and legal issues. Anyone wishing to ride the Chicago coattails of Obama would have been willing to help him direct traffic around the real facts.

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  5. I think it’s a hoot that the Obama lovin’ press is trying to make this auntie thing into GOP scandal!

    “The timing is suspicious” is the meme du jour.

    There is absolutely no interest in the fact that this aunt is not only an illegal, she is a FUGITIVE illegal and living in taxpayer funded housing to boot! To say nothing of side issues of whether or not Obama knew of her presence here—but he sure as hell returned her illegal campaign donations pronto!

    But somehow the story is that the GOP obtained this leaked this information illegally, without even knowing who the source is.

    Nobody got worked up when some Obama zealot illegally searched the records of Joe the Plumber so the press could demonize him. The only interest in this is the newspapers in Ohio—-zip from the national press.

    The behavior of the press in this election cycle has been even more outrageous than the behavior of the candidates themselves.

    Can’t wait to see how they behave if Obama is really elected.

  6. Yeah i read an article the other day where a reporter actually admitted that the press was in bed with the Obama campaign – then went to work justifying the hatchet job they were doing on McCain while kissing up to the Messiah Obama.

    No real surprise there. Notice how he kicked off the plane the reporters from papers that did not endorse his Messiahship. There is a real agent of Change 🙄 ! Just more Chicago political thuggery. No change just another Chicago punk politician.

  7. I’m voting for OBAMA!!

    With all the dirty political campaigning tricks McCain has tried… it’s a wonder why he’s not leading the national polls… lol!

    American citizens are tried of the rich croonie types who sit in the oval office, flicking their pens back and forth authorizing our young men (and women) along with our tax dollars to travel overseas to participate & fund unneccessary wars! A presidential candiate similar to the one in office who doesn’t care about the average working class citizen, Will most likely NOT win the election.

    Candiates who don’t make a mention of “middle class citizens” unless it is a tactic to sway the undecided voters their way will not be likely to be our next President.

    I laugh at the person/ persons who leaked the information about Obama’s aunt living here in the U.S. illegally. Obama is likely (thank God!) to be our next President…. so get over it already!!

  8. Kam if the McCain negative campaigning is what turns you on to Obama so be it. It is a free country after all. Of course if you read the numbers put out by the pro Obama press, you will find out Obama has done his fair share of negative campaigning also. He just eased up on it in the last few days of the campaign. And why should he dirty his image when he has lackeys to do that for him. His campaign has been Internet and Press driven from the start. The Liberal Internet blogs have done all his negative dirty work for Obama. And the press has freely admitted and rationalized that they are pushing Obama in their mediums. It makes Obamas job that much easier. If rich politicians is your turnoff then you are in trouble cheering for Obama. The only non millionaire in the race is Rep. VP candidate Sarah Palin. Whom is also the only candidate that has executive experience. Oops that must be embarrassing for all the other politicians in the race. And I agree would be Messiah Obama is likely to be our next President. Just do not expect much real change from the phony. A large percentage of his contributions came from fat cat corporations, including those evil big oil and investing firms, whom expect payback for their investments. And Obama has already stated that he want to send in our troops to fight wars in Africa in places like Darfur. Except he has zero military experience and takes advice from war hawk Zebignew Brezenski. Oops how embarrassing for all the antiwar Obama supporters. I am not a big McCain fan but since the only real choice is him or the bogus agent of change Obama, it is an easy selection for me to choose McCain.

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