Posted by: thescoundrel | November 2, 2008

A Message to Bono – Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

Recently Irish celebrity Bono decided to put in his two cents about the upcoming US election for President. He did not come out and actually endorse a candidate though I have no doubt that like most Europeans trying to stick their nose in our election process he is pro-Messiah-wannabe Obama. His message was Europe is deserving in deciding whom our next President was and that it was a chance for the US to relaunch Brand USA! What Bono wants, is what many Europeans and the leftist Socialist guerrillas that have seized control of the Democrat Party from the sensible and authentic Democrat Party members, to remake the USA into European Lite. Back in September I posted about a member of the British Press that was using his column in an attempt to bully and intimidate USA voters to vote for Obama by claiming the World would ostracize a USA that did not elect his holiness Barack Obama. My message to Bono is the same I offered up in my post to the British reporter: I am not interested in your opinion about whom or whom not should be elected the President of this Country. Go play politics in your own back yard! Stay the bloody #$%* (insert your favorite expletive here) out of our election process! I am not interested in what political direction YOU think OUR country should follow! If that bothers you, then shove your opinion up your European Arse! Perhaps that is clear enough.


  1. On the other hand, Obama as POTUS might just be the slap in the face our Euro-pals need.

    During the Bush years they were always shrieking about our warmongering ways, so I’m thinking a POTUS Obama would be more inclined to ignore vigorous enforcement of treaties in favor of letting the Euros fight their own battles.

    Let’s face it—there are some really nasty characters on the European border—to hell with NATO, let France, and Germany sort it out themselves and fight their own damned wars.

    Might be a nice wake-up call for them and give them a better appreciation of our “warmongering”. 😀

  2. I am thinking Obama will do a Bush and take our Military into Africa. That would certainly make the Obama Hollweird backers ecstatic, I am not certain how it will play with the Euros but it has been basically what the Holy Messiah-Obama has been mumbling throughout his campaign.

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