Posted by: thescoundrel | November 3, 2008

Twenty-Nine Years Since America Held Hostage

As we prepare to go to the election polls on Tuesday-November 4th, Iranian citizens are already demonstrating and celebrating the twenty-ninth anniversary since the event titled by ABC News as–> The Iran Crisis: America Held Hostage Day xxx.

The November 4th 1979 event consisted of Iranian militant students kidnapping 52 USAmerican diplomats and holding them hostage. That event would not end until 444 days later. The event helped launch the ABC news show that would later be known as Nightline and its eventual anchor Ted Koppel. The show would broadcast to a large audience nightly as it daily updated and amplified the hostage predicaments in Iran. The hostage crisis would become a political nightmare that would finish destroying the already failing Presidency of Jimmy Carter. I see a lot of Jimmy Carter characteristics in Barack Obama, which is just one of many reasons I cannot vote for the man on November 4th 2008, the twenty-ninth anniversary of –>The Crisis in Iran: America Held Hostage 444 days!!!


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