Posted by: thescoundrel | November 4, 2008

No Bagel Monday

So I had business in Rock Island Monday morning. I spent most of the morning there and left a little before 10:00 A.M. I had not had anything to eat since supper time Sunday evening and was getting hungry. Okay –>I am a sucker for buying fresh baked bread products, I admit it. And as I was entering the Moline area I thought to myself some fresh bagels would hit the spot! So I puttered my vehicle towards Panera with a mixed box of Chocolate Chip/Sesame Seed/Everything/Asiago Cheese bagels and cream cheese spread mellowing in my mind. Alas it was not to be! Egad! As my journey to Panera closed to a finish I noticed the parking lot was full. Not only was the lot full, there were several cars lined up for entrance and for a parking spot to open waiting on the access road. Being frugal (and lacking the patience to sit in a running car while waiting for a parking spot) I decided to wait another day to get my bagels. Arghhhh! I needed a bagel fix! Don’t all these Panera Customers listen to the bad news and understand that we are in an economic slowdown! Don’t they understand the economic index displays a possible recession and that the parking lot should not be so overly full that I cannot get inside the store in order to get my bagel fix! I had not had a bagel in over six months and I was so looking forward to a bagel feast. LIFE is SO UNFAIR! 😥

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