Posted by: thescoundrel | November 7, 2008

Peacemaker Obama to Reach Across Political Aisles Al Capone Style

😆 I hate to say I told you so! 😆

Well not really, but as QCExaminer so eloquently implied after my last post: with the Obama choice of attack dog Rham Emanuel as his chief of staff, it looks like the media pushed Obama hopeychangey-thingy message has been flushed down the toilet! Very true that is QCEx. Any aberrant deed Emanuel should say or perform would not surprise me. After all this is the same man that seemed to express giddiness in an interview hoping that the Iraq War would become more bloody for our troops –>so he could further exploit the war to obtain a larger Democrat Party Majority. Rham Emanuel was a politician created out of the very same Chicago Richard Daley Political Slime as Obama. Emanuel is just the first of what will be many old-timey political payoff appointments for helping to get the “agent of shame” Barack Obama elected. So much for the Obama is “gonna” clean-up Washington promise. It will probably also spell doom for the Obama clean-up the Wall Street financial crisis promise, 😳 since Emanuel was on the advisory board of the financially disastrous Freddie Mac institution. Emanuel is such a violent partisan thug 😯 he has earned the name Rhambo among political circle jerks. One of the more interesting stories about Emanuel revolves around a Bill Clinton celebration dinner. In a sound byte that creates an image of Emanuel as the love child of Richard Nixon/Charles Colson and “Scarface” Al Capone: the group was evidently sitting at the Clinton celebration dinner when Emanuel started naming off Bill Clinton enemies one at a time. After violently screaming each individual’s name, Emanuel would then evidently stab the table with a knife and scream dead-dead-dead… That is quite the chief of staff pick from Obama, the man whom painted himself as the political Messiah that would reach across the bickering partisan aisles. I guess the Obama implication of reaching across the political aisle involves striking fear in his opposition through violent intimidation, weapons and splattered blood. Very Chicago Politics & Al Capone like of the Holy Pope Obama! 😉



  1. Holy Cow! Christmas is coming up fast so in keeping with theScoundrels fondness for less ordinary gifts: I was thinking that since Obama has started displaying his Chicago Thug side I would post a link for that perfect less ordinary Christmas gifts you can give the Obamatrons in your life. And don’t forget the all-important accessory needed for that official Chicago Thug Look.

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