Posted by: thescoundrel | November 8, 2008

Chicago Cubs Team Sale Still in MLB Limbo

According to Mark Cuban he is still interested in purchasing the Chicago Cubs baseball team and he is still on the list of potential purchasers. Current Cubs owner Sam Zell/Chicago Tribune would probably jump at the chance to sell the team to Cuban – since Zell needs a cash infusion for his media empire and desperately wants to sell off the team. Cuban is the only potential owner that could easily come up with the almost One Billion dollar purchasing price. Ahh, if it were only that easy! Despite what Cuban declared a Chris De Luca/Sun Times article claims that insider MLB sources have avowed that Selig will squash any attempt to sell the team to Cuban. With a faltering economy making for tight money and the need to please MLB owners also, evidently Zell is considering alternative ways to sell off the team; perhaps even selling off just partial ownership. As has been bandied about the Internet Universe – Selig and MLB owners do not like potential rebel owners like Mark Cuban. MLB Ownership is a closed society and you must be a conformist to be accepted into their clique. It would be relatively easy for Selig to block any sell to Cuban or any other potential buyer that does not fit the preferred MLB Owner blueprint. Any team sold to a buyer must receive approval from a minimum of ¾ of all the current team owners. Anything less than that total and the purchase is void.


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