Posted by: thescoundrel | November 9, 2008

Teacher Verbally Torments Student for not Supporting Obama

Politics often turns usually sane people into warped mutations of themselves. I am actually comfortable with that change in personality. I am often guilty of the same personality transformation. But it is inexcusable for a teacher to torment his or her young student over political preferences. Yet that is exactly what an Obama supporting teacher did to one of her students, that was the daughter of a US soldier. The teacher should be happy she was not dealing with my Mother and Father. They would have raised a ruckus that teacher would not soon forget. If you listen to her talk to the young student you can here the derision in the teachers voice as she says “Oh Lord, John McCain” “Oh Jesus, John McCain” after the student says she and her parents are supporting McCain not Obama. The teacher then comes back to verbally bully the child over supporting McCain. And then she decides to lecture the child because McCain supports the Iraq War. By the time the adult teacher is through intimidating the child it is visibly evident that she has verbally battered the child until she is extremely distressed. The teacher is even proud of herself in an interview following the class. I cannot believe my tax money is paying for this kind of educational abuse. I presume this is the type of hostile educational system we can expect for dissenting voices under an Obama administration.

Link to the story and video.



  1. When I saw this story, my first thought was that this was exactly the kind of political endoctrination the Ayers/Obama Chicago Annenberg Challenge promoted.

    It’s no wonder the Democrats and pro-Obama press fought to keep the CAC under wraps and out of the public eye.

  2. The worst part is her bragging in the interview about how she can get away with it. She is lucky that it wasn’t my parents she had to deal with. Over the years I have seen my dad clean house with school officials over a whole lot less. If my late mother had heard go “Oh Jesus – McCain” she would have held her down and washed her mouth out with soap! You watched your tongue around that woman! 😉

  3. This sort of story without factual information is disconcerting. Just as the one I heard about several Rocky students shaving their heads in support of the skinheads, the day after the FBI caught the skinheads who threatened the (ours and theirs) President elect. Also, about a teacher reacting the same way to black students in his class ( he sent them out of the classroom).
    These incidents are difficult to confirm because the person who gave this information works for the system. I suppose I could visit the school and ask the administration if there was any truth to these allegations. Until then, I guess it can only be used as a blog to respond to other unconfirmed reports . QCexaminer bases his ( or her) feelings on incidents that took place 40 years ago. No wonder the Croats, Slovaks etc. cannot forget what happened almost 1500 years ago. Civilizations survive as long as its people remain civil. Peace

  4. What lack of factual information? The words flowed from the mouth of the teacher and was captured on video. The video clearly displayed her bullying the kid to the point the little kid was ready to cry. The video at the link was from a Finnish Documentary Film covering the election process. Following the clips showing the teacher harassing the child for supporting McCain instead of Obama the teacher bragged about what she was doing. All of it was on the same video. Complete with Finnish subtitles if you read the language.

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