Posted by: thescoundrel | November 11, 2008

Another Osama Bin Laden Al Qaeda Threat Against the USA and UK

There is nothing that lulls a potential victim into a careless slumber than Chicken Little running around the neighborhood screaming the “Sky is Falling”! The good news/bad news since 9-11 is, though there have been many-many vicious terrorist attacks around the world; we have merely had numerous false rumors predicting the next 9-11 disaster in the USA. These “Cry Wolf” rumors tend to create deaf ears upon our citizenry. That is a dangerous pattern for any nation that has been threatened by Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda terror group. They are a very patient group. They proved that with 9-11. They take as much time as needed -in years- to plan the big spectacular violent exhibitions, which will strike paralyzing fear in their victims. There is no better way to increase the terror-factor, after the fact, than keeping their victims on edge until they feel a false sense of security – and then construct a real terror event. So now we have a new terror threat being discussed from a UK story released by the last reporter suspected to have been given an audience with Bin Laden. The story suggests that the USA and the UK are both being targeted by Al-Qaeda for a larger than 9-11 scaled terror attack. Add the factor that newly elected President Obama is planning on closing the Gitmo base where we keep terrorists and will probably even release some of the individuals – it could readily make veteran terrorists available for any of Osama Bin Laden’s future terror attacks. The terror threat story could be another Cry Wolf Story or it could be one of the upcoming tests of leadership for Obama predicted by Joe Biden. Considering the electioneering of Obama that he would be more aggressive in Pakistan chasing bin Laden (I personally would like to see a more aggressive approach than we have been displaying, but then again none of us are ever going to be privy to all the details of military operations concerning the chase, so it is hard to tell what we have really done to date to capture Bin Laden, other than fail to find him) could give Al-Qaeda more reason to strike again – more sooner than later. With the change of POTUS in Washington DC and a World economy in trouble, next year would be an opportune time for another Al-Qaeda attack on our homeland. It was very early during George Bush’s Presidency that Al-Qaeda struck with their attacks. The effects on the US economy that followed were as troubling as the actual attack on our country. It is not a time to run around like Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling. But now is also not the time to allow our eyes and ears to close our mind from these possible threats. If anything we should become even more aware of our surroundings and more diligent of possible threats that we face. It is no time to become complacent.

Link to story about the new terror threat.



  1. A couple of interesting links:

    Difficulties in chasing Bin Laden.

    Al Qaeda websites hacked?

  2. I can’t believe that OBL isn’t already worm food—I don’t care if some UK reporter claims to have interviewed him.

    As for closing Gitmo—good luck to Barry! I saw where the leftwing Amnesty International is begging EU nations to take in the Gitmo prisoners who cannot be returned to their home countries because they would be tortured. Good luck to AI!

    Personally, I can’t wait to see what Obama will do about all these sticky problems that GWB was regularly reamed for—it’s a little different being The Decider rather than having no responsibility or accountability as The Critic.

    Should be a hoot!

  3. I can believe bin laden is still very much alive after reading the old article above about the terror tracker that was chasing him. I think after bin Laden dies, Al Qaeda will hide his death until they decide to make a martyr out of him. Then they will probably make him into a messiah type individual, maybe even claiming that they are communicating with him from the grave to push the cause.

    I have no high expectations from Obama.

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