Posted by: thescoundrel | November 12, 2008

Top Chef – Season Five Premieres Tonight

Tonight marks the fifth season premiere of Top Chef. The show will be broadcast 9:00 PM central time on Bravo. Unless something shakes loose I will have to catch the replay as I have other commitments tonight. May the best Chef win, though I am not sure that always happens in this reality show. The show will originate from New York City (New York City! 😯 I wonder if they will be making salsa?) this season. It is the only reality show that I watch diligently. It can be fun and entertaining as well as give you cooking lessons and recipe ideas. For those unaware (are there any left?) the show gathers talented chefs from around the country and places them in head-to-head cooking battles. For those that like to keep up with the show and interact they even have a show blog as well as blogs/links by indivdual “foodies” associated with the show. (Doesn’t everybody already have a blog this day and age?) The cooking events do not always take place in restaurants or kitchens. After each event the Chef’s creations are judged by professional celebrity Chefs and food critics. My favorite celebrity chef that occasionally sits at the judging table is The Cantankerous Chef – Anthony Bourdain. Like every other reality show – an individual is eliminated after each competition. This is done as winners and losers must weekly face the judging tables and listen to the critiques of their prepared dishes until the final showdown produces a winner. I like the show I just would like to see them temper the language they used. Last season I was unsure if I was watching professional chefs in a cooking show or drunken sailors in a bar trying to out curse each other with some new exotic words. It was a fortunate thing for the show last season that my mother has passed away or I am sure I would have been making the trek to Chicago (last seasons location) with a van full of soap for her to wash out the mouths of last season’s chefs.



  1. This is one of my favorite shows, too, though I also missed it last night due to a work commitment.

  2. I missed the first play but got home in time to see the replay. That is the great thing about Bravo and Top Chef, they replay it several times so those that miss it can catch it at another time. I was disappointed in the elimination segments. They eliminated two of the contestants I liked. There was even an unusual personal twist with the two that were eliminated. I will not go into details since you have not seen it yet. So far my favorite is the guy from Hawaii that worked himself up to chef status by starting as a busboy! I always have this thing for underdog contestants. I guess it comes from years of being a Chicago Cubs fan.

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