Posted by: thescoundrel | November 14, 2008

The Barack Obama Financial Legacy – A Bankrupt Illinois

Thursday was the two-year anniversary of my first posts on Samaritans Scalawags Scoundrels Fleecing the Sheep. So I did what any good scoundrel would do: I took the day off and spent the day taking it easy, swilling Mt. Dew and failing to catch the pretty women I was chasing! 🙂

I read the other day about how US voters were convinced that Barack Obama could turn the US financial crisis around. I laughed 😆 and then I cried 😥 . Has there ever been a more ironic yet cruel joke played on the US voters!!! No there has not! Barack Obama has been an integral part of the State of Illinois government at both State Levels and Federal levels for over a decade. The State of Illinois legislation has been controlled by veto proof Majority Democrat rule for even longer. The governor of our state, whether Democrat or Republican, has owed his soul to the Chicago Cabal for as long as I can remember. This is the same group of Chicago Politicians from which newly elected USA President, Barack Obama, developed his political career amongst. These are the same politicians that are hooked up with current Illinois Governor, Rod Blagodabitch in driving our State towards bankruptcy. Theses are the same financial wizards that have this State owing it’s creditors over Four billion dollars and that is expected to top five billion dollars in unpaid debt by spring. The same groups of politicians that have pushed our state so far in the red that companies that serve the needs of Illinois such as medical service for the needy and feeding prison inmates are considering no longer doing business with the State of Illinois. This is nothing new. This debt has been building for years upon years. Our state has financially struggled even when the rest of the nation was doing well. At this point we are so deep in debt that we cannot afford to pay our bills yet Gov. Rod and the Democrat Oligarchy wants to expand entitlements to illegal aliens in an attempt to solidify our designation as a sanctuary state. And what has Barack Obama been doing all these years? Just going with the flow and voting whatever way Blagodabitch’s right hand man and Obama mentor, Emil Jones, told him to vote. So excuse me if I find it terribly ironically funny yet extremely depressing at the same time, since the mindless sheep that voted in Obama believe he has the capability to turn around our Nation’s financial problems. He could not even help turn around the problems the State of Illinois has. The only real thing he has to offer is his phony and empty messages of hope and change. May God help us -because the Barack Obama legacy of financial wizardry during his Illinois tenure screams useless as teats on a boar.



  1. I agree with your assessment of our governor, but don’t paint Obama with the same brush. Illinois has been cursed for many years with bad governors, Republican and Democrat. Big Jim Thompson raided the teacher’s retirement fund with a promise to pay it back, and didn’t. Edgar, Ryan- both bad! Actually, most of them Republicans. But, Blago is terrible, too. What a disappointment, talked the right talk during the campaign, but look out for Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde! I truly believe Obama is a man of integrity and intelligence who has the potential to do great things!

  2. I don’t think anything would convince the Obamaites that he isn’t the greatest. I’d almost be willing be bet he’ll be able to get away with more than Clinton did. When facts don’t matter to these people, we quit arguing.

  3. Pilar Obama set for eight years in the Illinois State Senate. The financial problems were already snowballing during his period. He had no clue on how to fix the finances of Illinois and so has no real experience in fixing financial problems to off the nation. His only hope of not failing is to get lucky. I stated in my post that the Republican Governors were not much better than Blago. But the reality is that they also owed their souls to the same Crooked Chicago Corruption that Obama does. There has not been a governor in my adult lifehood that did not owe his political career to kissing butts in Chicago.

    Yeah Cruiser you nailed the point exactly. The Obama disciples have willingly drank the Obama kool-aid to the point they resemble the Jim Jones Guyana flock – mistaking a simplistic man for a god.

  4. I’m not sure Obama had “no clue” how to fix the IL financial situation when he was in the Senate, but it’s obvious he had no interest in solving problems then.

    He was just holding a place in government so he could lobby and campaign for higher office—US Senate, which he held for 46 months, 21 of those months used to run for the next rung—POTUS.

    So Obama may or may not have a clue how to fix the economy, but one thing for sure is that he knows how to campaign. 😉

  5. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt. A lot of intelligent people lack good basic financial abilities. I have a friend that if you ask him a question about science that will give you a scientific journal type answer that works better than a sleeping pill. But just do not ask the person to balance or explain his check book. The alternate theory that Obama just had no interest is just as plausible as mine that he was incapable of understanding the Illinois finance problems that have been snowballing for years. But the “No Interest” theory is a scary scenario I do not want to consider, especially now that he will be head of US National financial matters. 😥

  6. One of my many problems with Obama was that he seemed to lack interest in any kind of policy or legislating, both in the IL and US Senate. He just seemed to float above it all—he never wanted to get down and dirty for ANY cause.

    He never championed any idea or ideals, and what bills he did sponsor were handed him by his mentor Emil Jones.

    Except for some work on laws dealing with black urban problems, which you would expect from someone representing the South Side of Chicago, he just never seemed too excited or interested in anything going on in the Senate(s).

    I don’t think anyone has any idea how Obama will perform as POTUS—he just never demonstrated any passion for anything except running for higher office.

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