Posted by: thescoundrel | November 16, 2008

George Noory Attempts New Paranormal TV Show

Late night radio talk show host George Noory will attempt to convey his trademark radio show entertainment that revolves around guest interviews about current event/historical conspiracy, the unexplainable/paranormal and science/fringe sciences into the television medium. The television show will be called Unexplained with George Noory and will debut this Sunday on the Sci-Fi Network at 10:00 PM. Noory took over hosting the popular overnight radio talk show Coast-to-Coast AM from its creator Art Bell. Coast-to-Coast (C2C) radio show boasts of an audience of around three million listeners per week. The radio show operates from Midnight to Four AM central time and is carried by local radio station WOC AM. The show even has a Quad City connection since the occasional weekend substitute host of the show, Ian Punnett, once worked as a radio personality locally in the Quad Cities. The Coast-to-Coast radio show has built up an audience from an eclectic group of eccentric individuals that are willing and/or have the time to spend fours hours of what is considered most people’s normal sleeping periods listening to programs that include a myriad of subjects like Scientific Explorations/Events, Bigfoot, Who Shot JFK, Government Conspiracy Plots, the New World Order/Bilderberg Society, Time Travel, UFO’s, Aliens/Alien Abductions, Witchcraft plus some shows that are just way over-the-top bizarre. The subjects may be discussed from a scientific outlook or more often than not reach towards the bizarre fringes of science and conjecture. The interesting four-hour long radio shows often happens in what seems like an instant. The C2C uninspiring guests can make the radio show drag on. Which is why I am not sure how well his radio show format will transcend to a half/hour television format. A half hour is hardly enough to inspire and build interest in best subjects/material. The only upside is a half hour is plenty of time wasted on his abysmal guests/material. 😉



  1. Avebury Henge in the heart of Wiltshire, England, is the largest stone circle in the world, believed by many to be an ancient power centre. Authors Maria Wheatley and Busty Taylor of ‘Avebury Sun, Moon and Earth’ have proved the existence of ley lines and earth energeis in thier fascinating new book. (Wessex Books). Using sensitve electromagnetic detecting equipment they successfuly located the frequency of the Micheal ley line and recorded strange levels of radiation at the centre of the stone circle. Dowsers know that standing stones emit ‘energy bands’ which can be detected with a dowsing instrument. Taylor and Wheatley have recored the electromagnetic ‘song’ of the stones’ energy bands. ‘The power in the land and that of the stones was utilised and harnessed by our ancient ancestors.’ says Maria Wheatley. ‘The powerful energeis also generated paraterrestrial activity, such as ghostly appearacnes and mysterious balls of light’.

    All the best and good luck with the show.
    Maria Wheatley

  2. listen very often,since years ago with Art- &
    of course as long as george has been on,he is fantastic-as was art. we wish he, his wife,his
    little baby the very best, in their retirement.
    we love your program George (wouldn’t ever miss any of it – if I could stay awake)but I sure miss Artie! wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t
    mention how good Ean is! altogether its a
    great show,am looking forward to the sunday night show on TV, as I understand it 10pm on SCI/FI. THANKS for alot of enjoyment.

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