Posted by: thescoundrel | November 16, 2008

The Obama Crisis Has Not Disappeared

The 2008 USA Presidential election has been over for some time now. The winner as the whole world knows was media darling Barack Obama. Or was he? There were numerous attempts by Obama detractors to legally through the court systems derail the Obama Messiah Express. The lawsuits were challenging Obama’s Natural Born US citizenship status. The lawsuits were all kicked to the curb by the court systems. However there has been an appeal to bypass the Justice Souter rejection of one lawsuit that claimed Obama’s dual citizenship at birth disqualifies him from holding the office of President, by using an appeal to another Supreme Court Justice to review the case. There is evidently considerable pressure from outside sources for the judges to review the Souter ruling. I do not know if the lawsuit contains enough information that they can force a review of the 2008 election. Souter ruled citizens were not important enough to bring such a lawsuit. And in my opinion even if they manage a judicial review -and if the information proves Obama is not legally fit to be President- the Supreme Court Justices lack the rock hard testicles to overturn the election on this detail. As I in a similar post about a different lawsuit–> the legalities of these lawsuits are more complicated in detail and evaluation than I am going to speculate about. However I am providing the links to both blog sites raising the concern about Pope Obama. They explain the situation in detail. And the details sound like an Obama dilemma/constitutional crisis that is not going to disappear without an extended fight. If readers are aware of other sites offering up information discussing the validity of the lawsuit claim please post links in the comments section.

Hillary and Me

Natural Born Citizen



  1. Ironically, if not hilariously, Obama’s vanquished foe, Alan Keyes has filed a lawsuit over Obama’s birth certificate and challenging his eligibility to be POTUS.

    Too bad Keyes didn’t think of this back in ’04 when he ran against Obama—and I use the term “ran” loosely! 😀

    PS: If you’re looking for links to this, WordPress seems to be awash in them—-we WordPressers luvs us some conspiracy!

  2. Yeah I am toying with a conspiracy post myself if I can find the time. After all the king of conspiracies is about to have its 45’th anniversary 1/22/08. I had a really juicy one started about this time last year but I got tired with messing with it and junked an E. Howard Hunt /grassy knoll conspiracy post.

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