Posted by: thescoundrel | November 18, 2008

The Obama Myth – Everybody Must Get Stoned.

There is an old Country and Western song whose lyrics go:
Last night I came in at two with a ten but at ten I woke up with a two. The character in the song is lamenting about how too many beers stoned his selection process in his choice of bed warming company he had kept that night. There are many ways to become stoned. Perhaps one of the most common is allowing a smooth-talking con-artist to cloud your senses with words of emotion that you desperately want to here. A smooth-talker can make you hear and believe in messages that are not really there. You can find yourself among confused company when you start waking up with strange bedfellows. An LA Times reporter,



  1. Have you seen this?

    57.4% of those polled couldn’t identify which party controlled congress;

    81.8% didn’t know about Biden’s plagarism;

    82.6% didn’t know that Obama won his first election by using legal challenges to get his opponents kicked off the ballot,


    If it weren’t for the pathetically uninformed, I doubt Obama would be where he is today.

  2. So you are saying a lot of dumb people voted for Obama?
    Whose fault is that, FOX news?

  3. QCEx I had not seen the link before. Thanks. The numbers are not all that surprising. Voters are basic humans. Hand them a sausage- they will smother it in cheese, mayo and various condiments and wolf the treat down like they had never had anything so good to eat in their whole life. Explain to them that the casing of the sausage was once the intestine of a pig and the meat used to make the sausage was scraps, veins and other parts that they themselves would probably toss away if they were making it at home – then toss the sausage some cheese and mayo into the microwave, heat it up until the fat from the items separates then let the material separated congeals, then show them the glob of nastiness that is about to clog up their blood pumping system and if they eat it at all they will shut their ears and tell you to shut up about what they are eating. You probably would not have to go through but a few of the steps until they get mad at you for displaying the gross factor and/or dangers of their chosen dietary directions.

    On the contrary Tacky, I think a great deal of very intelligent people voted for Obama. Ask a hypnotist whom they prefer as subjects. They will tell you they want the more intelligent people for they are more willing subjects when it comes to suggestion. I have worked my whole 29+ years of life in businesses that work with the public. I have created some of my own theories over the years when it comes to the public. I am sure you have read my arguments over on QCEx’s blog when both the left and right start screaming for the truth. I do not believe in the one truth. I believe that what most people want to call the truth is really just their own perception of what they wish “the truth” to be. I do believe in facts. But facts are not incontrovertible. Facts can and are twisted to make “the truth”. They can do that because most facts that are not of a scientific origin (and many that are dealing with science- hence my fascination with Coast-To-Coast) are made of gray pliable matter. And much like my sausage tale above the intelligent person is just as likely to scream as those they look down on when presented with facts they do not wish to understand. The sad part of life is though people from all walks of life decry cheats and liars they grab them and hug them close to their bodies, even offer their souls as sacrifice if the orator will just tell them what they want to hear. And when people like me offer up the observation that Emperor Obama is wearing no clothes, they start screaming racist or some other derogatory remark because we choose to use the eyes and ears God gave us.

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