Posted by: thescoundrel | November 19, 2008

Barack Obama the House Negro


Joe Biden claimed our enemies would test Obama early. He was right. Heck they have not even waited until Obama has assumed office. It seems the number two man in charge of Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahri, has declared Barack Obama a House-Negro. (I would bet Negro is probably not the exact slur al-Zawahri was going for.) Uh-Oh! As my late mother would have said -“Thems Fighting Words!” 😳 It looks like newly elected Prez Barack Obama gets zero respect from Al Qaeda. He will have to earn it on the battlefield. He also threatened Obama over his stated increased troops in Afghanistan policy by affirming that the Muslim fight would subsequently escalate in Afghanistan. Duhhhh! Gee I suppose that is almost a big surprise. Well it probably is to those that thought electing Obama meant an end to the current War. The only accomplishment the Obama led peaceniks along with the Democrat Party have created with their uproar over the Iraq War, is to move the War on Terror back to another location where we will have to reorganize our rattraps. Al Qaeda understands that. So they have thrown down the gauntlet in front of Obama to test his mettle. It is up to him how he responds like the peacenik he ran as early in his campaign or whether he is really the get tough guy that he morphed in to in the later stages of his campaign. And though I would not call Obama a house-Negro, he is what any politician that wins the Presidential nomination from the two-party system is – a political-party-puppet singing and dancing the party rhetoric as people behind the scenes pull all the strings. He will do just what his party tells him to do or he will be ostracized and hung up out to dry by his puppet handlers.



  1. Your blatant disrespect for our new Commander in Chief is adding to the problem….

    He is the President Elect…

    Showing your support is vital to the war effort.

    Sound familiar?


  2. Does THIS sound familiar, Michael?

    “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”—this is what the Democrats have told us for the last eight years.

    Now it seems Democrats are pushing the “new” patriotism which is “shut up, sit down, and obey your betters.”


  3. Did Obama ever advocate leaving or reducing troops in Afghanistan? Didn’t he advocate renewing efforts there, for example to target al Queda, before the election? I believe he did.

    I was under the impression that Obama felt, as many do, that Iraq was a mistake partly because it diverted resources from Afghanistan, where the job was not nearly finished, not only in fighting the Taliban and al-Queda but helping Afghans build a civil society that would help it remain free of forces like the Taliban in the future. That crucial terrorist-fighting job was left unfinished, and so the Taliban has roared back. I think Obama sees the need to put resources back in Afghanistan. I think he has for a long time.
    I know this doesn’t help the simplistic view that all Democrats are “peaceniks” who will oppose the use of the military anywhere. Myself and many, many Democrats I know supported going into Afghanistan after 9/11 and were horrified at the invasion of Iraq because it looked like not only would it be a huge mistake but because the mission in Afghanistan was far from finished. I believe we’ve been proven right, unfortunately.

    I know, all that amounts to “nuance” that you Republicans don’t want to grasp (and how does it feel to be stereotyped?)

  4. Thank You for noticing my blatant disrespect for Prez-elect Obama, Michael. 🙂 In my observations – so far Obama has done nothing that earns respect. Disrespect, like respect, is something you earn and he has readily earned my disrespect over a considerable amount of time. Obama has had eight years as my State Senator and just short of full two terms as my Senator at the Federal level. And he has next to nothing legislative to show for it except what has been handed to him by his puppet masters or that he has laid false claim to. The best thing about his tenure in Illinois legislation – is he is now gone-gone-gone. Unfortunately that leaving has come at the cost of another elevation in power for a phony individual that has done absolutely nothing except dance to the movement of marionette strings that his handlers have pulled his whole political career.

  5. Well said QCEx!

    First Roger I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I have been both at one time or the other. Though I suppose in some senses I am still both. I have stated over and over again – I vote by issue allegiance not Political Party allegiance. The problem is that most of the Democrats I would support have been either muffled, forced to hide under masks, or run off by the Progressive section of the Democrat Party. They are intolerant of conservative ideas that do not fit the accepted Progressive Party rhetoric. In fact I feel that the Republican party is also very similar in its intolerance for “Mavericks”. They displayed that with their handling of the Ron Paul candidacy. I did not like Ron Paul but I think he was the slap in the face the Party needed. I also feel he got a raw deal from the Republican Party. Heck I even was a Gore man in 2000. Though I deeply regretted the choice following his transformation to Darth Dean after he lost. If I tend to support Republicans it is because they are the only Party of the Big Two that actually support more of my preferred issues. It is not out of any loyalty to either Party. It is the issues.
    An interesting thing about the Obama myth are his stances on War. If you read my article again I never claimed Obama was a peacenik. I did not claim all Democrats were peaceniks either. I said that he led a peacenik charge early on his campaign. That does not make him a peacnik. What Obama did was, like Richard Nixon, run a very clever anti War campaign early. He is an intelligent version of an “Emperor with no clothes” that surrounded himself with people that could get him to where he wanted to go. Another interesting thing about Obama is that after he suckered in the peacenik voters for their support, Obama started morphing his anti war campaign to a more centrist model to battle his growing soft on terror image. Once again a shrewd “Old Timey Political” move created for the wannabe agent of change running on a platform to cleanup the old timey Washington political scene. It was his VP Joe Biden in August of 2007 that put it the best about Obama’s emergence as tough on Afghanistan terror, by calling him a Johnny Come Lately to the Afghanistan Tough on Terror Party. Obama was a nobody that could basically say and do whatever he wanted about Iraq and Afghanistan because he had little real history with the two wars. Biden realized that he needed a gut punch to open up the facts that Obama had a clean slate to run on concerning stated opinions, effort and experience with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Obama campaign was once again displaying a shrewdness for playing to the crowd. That is why I included the question will he return to his early peacenik image or will he stay the tough on terror image his campaign morphed into. I am not positive Obama is either Hawk or Dove. He is opportunistic – willing to tell the voters tales about what he thinks they want to hear. Once again an “old timey politician” not an agent of change. Which has been basically what most of my Obama posts have been about.

    Though I think the GW Bush stages of the Neverending War in Iraq (continuing and evolving from Bush1 to Clinton to Bush2) was inevitable I think it was entered into way too early. He left Afghanistan too early. Now that Obama is in charge he plans on repeating the same mistake Bush made. He is willing to pull the troops out too quickly in Iraq because it is politically expedient. He is going to put the troops back in Afghanistan where they are needed also and if his campaign rhetoric is correct will be looking to send some to Africa to appease his Hollyweird supporters. That is basically what GW Bush did with Afghanistan, except the Obama platform wants to leave Iraq before it is clear the job is done.

    It all goes back to the realization that Obama is an opportunist like all politicians, not an agent of change. He will do and say whatever his puppet masters direct him to do or he will be replaced by another puppet.

  6. I wonder if you and others who dislike Obama have rad his two books. He is no naked emperor or a puppet. You may think he did nothing at the state level–ask Sen. Denny Jacobs or any of his other colleagues. You may call him a “house Negro” but that doesn’t mean much as the neo-Nazis and others of their ilk call him worse and make him a daily target of their anti-semtic and racist rants. You are probably one of the few people his puppets were unable to “bamboozle” into voting for him. The country would not function without politicians–they make up your government.
    Too bad you have such a jaded opinion of how our country was formed–were all Obama’s predecessors, going back to Washington, “opportunists’? Why don’t you go after “the puppet masters” and take them to task? Peace is the answer.

  7. I never called him a house Negro tacky! That was the radical Muslims he wanted to play kissy face with when he first started electioneering. I called him a political puppet, which is what he and any other politician, that wishes to climb above the title of dog catcher, must become to climb political ladders. I am just one of many that were not fooled by his puppet masters. He won a large electoral vote but his popular vote win was pretty much average. Maybe less so considering the unpopularity of the President he is replacing. True, politicians are a necessary evil. But Obama ran as wind of change. He is not. Even more so if you are watching his appointments he is kissing up to the very people he claimed he was going to clean out. 😳 How embarrassing for the agent of shame. Even more embarrassing for his mindless kool-aid drinking disciples. His advisers selections are already pointing out his plans to stay the course of “old timey” Washington DC politics.

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