Posted by: thescoundrel | November 21, 2008

In The Year 2025 – If Mankind is Still Alive They May Find

There is an old prophetic song from 1969 by Zager and Evans that paints a bleak look at the future of the World starting in the year 2525. I am pretty sure that some of the bleak images that they wrote about – are probably not that far away.

Currently the US National Intelligence Council has released a 2008 study that projects its own bleak images of the very near future. So theScoundrel is borrowing from Zager and Evans for parts of this post:

In the Year 2025 –

If Man is Still Alive, If Woman Can Survive – They May Find –>

A continued lessening of the US World Wide power status due to national infrastructure responsibilities and external struggles.

As US World powers diminishes an increase in the World power levels of China, Russia and India.

An heavily crime ridden Europe.

Russia – probably gaining control over other European Countries.

Communist China becoming the second largest economy of the World and continuing it growth as a Major Player among the Worlds Military Mightiest.

A continuation of a slow growing threat of nuclear conflict and/or bio weapons.

A diminished or mutated threat from Middle Eastern Terrorism dependent upon the economic prospects for the region. (That sounded like a noncommittal way of saying – a crapshoot – to theScoundrel.)

Technology growth inadequate to meet the needs of a fast growing World Population.

A lack of food and potable water supplies to meet the growth in World population affecting as many as 1.4 billion people. (Can you say time to limit Urban Sprawl!!)

Increased conflict among Nations as they fight to manage and balance the limited food, water, energy and other natural resources.

An extremely mobile/heavily populated Earth becomes even more endangered from the threat of plague like pandemics from constantly evolving virus events.


That is not a very optimistic prediction for the world. This prognostication of the year 2025 is not as bleak as the Zager and Evans song but it does makes it sound like now is the time to start preparing for increasing strife and turmoil. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to kep an eye out for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse either! 😮



  1. You must have been in a cheerful mood when you wrote this post!

    If you live long enough you discover that most of these scare/fearmongering predictions don’t come true.

    Communists didn’t take over the country or blow us to kingdom come with nukes;

    the world didn’t experience the New Ice Age;

    the population explosion didn’t happen so we would have to fight over water and food;

    there have been no more terrorist attacks on this country since 9/11/01;


    However, this sort of thing does make for interesting blogging material while we wait for The One to actually do something. 😀

  2. Ah yes I surely returned to high school days of dark moodiness with this post. 🙂

    Hopefully none of my English teachers read the post or it would have been a dead giveaway to whom wrote the post! Fortunately my parts of the post were not in poetic form so that lessens the tell-tale doom and gloom signatures. 😉

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