Posted by: thescoundrel | November 21, 2008

Tax – Tax and More Taxes

Quad City Online had a story on its site about how property owners are very unhappy with their property tax assessment. No surprise there! Despite struggling to keep out of being classified at poverty level for years – the Rock Island Co. answer has been to increase taxes on the hard-working Rock Island consumers and homeowners. No tax is too steep for RI Co. legislators! It is beyond ludicrous what property taxes are in this County. And despite a nation-wide property ownership crisis that has caused property values to decrease the deeply seeded Nepotistic one-party-rule Democrat leadership continues to find ways to jab the property tax bills even higher.  I guess we wouldn’t want any of the local politicians friends and family not to be able to keep feeding off the government’s treasury teats 🙄 . What was it QcExaminer said the other day, Oh yeah – Boston Tea Party anyone!


  1. The tax situation in RICO is out of control.

    We live out in the boonies and have no city services, but what we DO have is tax-o-rama for the schools and for 10 different pension plans for government employees/bureaucrats.

    The Democrats who control this county cannot say no to their biggest constituency—the governmental unions.

  2. Speaking of the government pension plans. Perhaps one of the most ironic events surrounding the proposed bailout of the big three is that government legislators might to have to consider ordering them into some sort of bankruptcy forcing the businesses to reorganize. Part of that reorganization would require modifying already bargained contracts with Unions to relieve them of the weight of guaranteed benefit packages for retirees and future retirees. How insane that government legislators whom have some of the fattest retiree packages may be forcing the working class sectors that actually had to risk life and limb to earn their retiree benefits to cough up the same benefits that legislators just increase taxes to keep living off the sweat of the working class. 🙄

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