Posted by: thescoundrel | November 22, 2008

Obama Administration – Second Amendment Supporters Need Not Apply

I have been around pistols, rifles and shotguns since I was a little tyke. Yet I have never owned a gun. I have not shot one since I was a kid and that was not a real gun. It was just a BB gun. I have just never really felt the need to own a gun. Not owning a gun is pretty unusual in my family as most of them, even the Bush Deranged, own some type of firearm. Yet one of the issues that has never went away since Barack Obama started his chase to become Messiah/Emperor of the USA has been his overt hostility towards individuals owning guns. He constantly defended himself during his campaign that he was not out to take a way our Constitutional rights to bear firearms. But his true colors about guns owners continue to come through. One of the recent revelations revealed about Obama and gun control is that he actually had the insulting nerve to ask if the applicant or any of the applicants family owned a gun on the applications that potential employees must fill out to seek employment with his administration. That is way out of line. It is none of his business if the applicant and/or especially the applicant’s family are pursuing their Constitutional Right to bear arms. It is an Obama anti-gun ownership witch-hunt.  For someone who claims he was not out to do away with the right to bear arms he sure has a strange way of displaying it. Personally I think it is time to become extremely worried about what the future holds for the Right to Bear Arms under an Emperor Obama administration. For the first time in my life, I am becoming convinced that perhaps the time to invest in guns is upon us if we wish to protect our family and property.



  1. Good post! God Bless the US Constitution…

  2. I’ve seen some commentary about this that spins it to be an attempt to avoid an embarrassing situation where some Obama official is discovered to have an unregistered gun—or some such b.s.

    Most of us remember what Obama said to some skeptical bitter clingers during the primary; that he wouldn’t take away their guns because he couldn’t—he didn’t have the votes in congress. Now he does.

    Neither Mr. Examiner nor myself have ever had guns, but we recently sent in applications for FOID cards—the Democrat shredding of the Bill Of Rights is just beginning. 😦

  3. Cornbread,

    You are right on target with your thinking. It is indeed none of government’s business to know if I or my family own guns. One of the many reasons I will not be accepting a position in the new administration . . . .

    As you noted, now might be an excellent time for you to more actively participate with others who are exercising their Second Amendment rights. It would be a shame to know that you had the opportunity, but then lost it due to this next administration’s probable encroachment.

  4. Do you post about anything OTHER than Obama? There are plenty of issues at hand besides his policies, personal effects, theorized conspiracies and rumors you seem to rant about. Why not write about the importance of the MLA and other guidelines for citing your sources? That’s a hot topic these days. People want to seem credible so they look to the accessible, verifiable, reliable, respected, official and unbiased sources. Perhaps you should do the same.

  5. I have lots of posts that do not deal with Obama. If you scan my top post column you will find a variety of subjects. Though I have yet to understand why my post “Early 90’s Nostalgia” about 3-D images continues to receive hits on a daily basis. I am just in a political mood and any USA political concerns of current importance revolve around Obama! But I do not know if I wish to chuck conspiracy and rumor to the side- they are what add spice to the dull realities of life. Take for instance despite untold evidence that Oswald was the single assassin of JFK, I have heard statistics that as high as 70% still believe in the grassy knoll conspiracy theory. Heck if you are to believe St. James Hunt his daddy E. Howard Hunt was the man on the grassy knoll. Who is to say he is not telling the fact. Of course who is to say he is not mistaken or telling a bald faced lie. Fact and fantasy are always intermingled. In every bit of fantasy there is some real life ingredients added to make the story credible. In every bit of real life there is a great deal of fantasy honey to attract the flies that is used to carry the facts of life. As to my sources, I use a myriad of sources. Some are well respected like the BBC, Washington Post etc.. others well they may have dubious National Inquirer credentials but as displayed by John Edwards, even newsrats scurrying through sewers for a lurid tale stumble across the a juicy story of real life proportions. 😉

    Of course with Christmas coming around the corner I shall be offering up some holiday rants. It has been a while since I expressed my dislike for certain ACLU practices. I am not sure if I will be offering up many of my Less Ordinary Christmas Gifts posts this year as they are time consuming and I have already tied up considerable amounts of my free time for an unknown amount of time with necessary family obligations. Family is first in this household as I would hope it is in most other households.

  6. ck out the ACLU’s opinion on the 100 mile border! and keep Obama blogging!

  7. Are there any gun shops that accept ration stamps?

  8. I doubt it. However government subsidies such as food stamps in the hands of a wily individual knowledgeable in working the system can easily become cash in hand to purchase non intended items.

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