Posted by: thescoundrel | December 5, 2008

Ho-Ho-Ho Fanny May Candy is Back in Town

🙂 ………. 🙂

theScoundrel was reminded by a chocolate craving indivual on Thursday that Fanny May Candies had recently moved back into the Quad Cities, in western Davenport, just in time for Christmas. I was also reminded that it was my mission, whether I chose to accept it or not,  to trek out to the new store and obtain a bundle full of their chocolate treasures by and for an existing Fanny May addict. Though not number one on my Quad City candy/confectionery list, Fanny May does make very tasty treats. My big hope is that this Easter they will still be making the delightfully tasting, sugar-loaded fruit and nut chocolate covered Easter Eggs entrenched in my childhood memories. So despite a full Christmas Shopping schedule for the day (that already included a grocery bargain hunting add-on expedition) I added the chocolate quest to my holiday daily list of things to accomplish. It was worth the trip. Not only did I secure a $50+ treasure trove of delicious chocolate goodies for the Fanny May addict (and myself), I was also rewarded with a $10 coupon good towards a future purchase in January. It was a win-win for theScoundrel!



  1. i haven’t heard of fanny may chocolates. are they like godiva or cadbury or something?

    $50 worth of chocolate… can’t imagine the amount of that stash!

  2. They are a corporation that produces high quality candy. I actually prefer a local company, Chocolate Manor, that hand dips their candy, but I was on a quest for a family member whom wanted Fanny may. And I like Fanny May very much. Here is their link if you want to look over their merchandise.

    $50 in quality candy is not all that much quantity. There was just over two pounds of chocolate in my total purchase. 😉

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