Posted by: thescoundrel | December 5, 2008

The Verdict is In – The OJ Simpson Fairytale Twists into a Nightmare

I can remember as a young Bears fan cheering for a flashy new running back named OJ Simpson. I did not care that he played for the Buffalo Bills. I appreciated and I was excited to see such rare talent in the game of football. I laughed at his Hertz commercials as he sprinted through make believe airports running around and leaping over obstacles. I enjoyed listening to him on Monday Night Football as a game analyst. He was entertaining as the accident prone police Detective Nordberg in the Police Squad Movies. I was incredulous and full of disbelief when he was charged with the grisly murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson. By the end of the trial I was forced to admit to myself that, as much as I wanted to believe otherwise, that the jury had gotten the verdict wrong and that OJ Simpson was indeed guilty of killing his wife and her friend Ron Goldman. It was a murder he has always claimed his innocence yet indirectly admitted his guilt in a book he wrote years after the event. The murder was just the most horrific of what was to become a series of scrapes with the law that he managed to escape punishment from. That long string of scrapes with the law culminated with his recent conviction for robbery assault and kidnapping during a 2007 event in Las Vegas. His luck and ability to avoid punishment for his law breaking activities ended today with a fifteen year to life sentence for his 2007 transgressions. With parole there is a possibility that he could be out in six to nine years. But the odds are considering his age and the animosity that has built up towards the man for his openly flaunting the law he will spend the rest of his life behind prison bars. He will spend his sentence restricted from interaction with the general prison population for his own safety. The only interaction he will have will be with family and friends during his daily one-hour visitation rights and with the guards assigned to protect him. That will be a lonely life and probably a worse sentence than normal prison for a man like Simpson that needs public adoration to feed his life essence. Over the years my adoration for Simpson has grown into bitterness. Yet after today’s sentence it was difficult to hold back tears thinking about what had started out as such a promising American Dream that has now been rotted by a series of reprehensible personal decisions and actions until the OJ Simpson Story has twisted from a sugarplum fairytale into a heinous nightmare.

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  1. It seemed like he was untouchable for years. In the end I think he went in front of the wrong judge. I did like her quote that she didn’t know if he was arrogant, stupid, or both.

  2. I do not think he is stupid. I do think he is arrogant. I also think he needs the limelight to feed his ego. He purposely does things to get his face on the news. This time he could not avoid jail time.

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