Posted by: thescoundrel | December 9, 2008

Leverage – Robin Hood and or Hannibal Smith – Playing at Mission Impossible

On Sunday TNT premiered a new program named Leverage.  Considering the story line of the show,  it is probably a timely premier.  The show consists of a modern day Robin Hood, played by Timothy Hutton, and his group of not so merry men & women stealing money from modern day robber-barons of corporate America. Some of the money they give to the victims of  Gordon Gekko Corporate Head wannabes. But in true entrepreneurial spirit the team  figures out a way to pocket a sizable amount of loot for themselves. Well perhaps these guys are not quite as altruistic as Robin Hood. These guys do not mind sticking it to the man and helping out the little guy, but only while making themselves very wealthy in the process. The show as it advanced  along reminded me of the A-Team gone serious (no  ever present machine gun shoot ’em ups, though I did get to see a lot windows broken) and playing more like Mission Impossible espionage characters.  I admit, I was disappointed that Hutton did not pull out a big old fat cigar at the end of the show and say “I love it when a plan comes together”.

Okay, I liked the show. It has an easy to sell plot everyday folk getting revenge on the big bad corporations. (Considering the current banking crisis, could they have timed this premier any better?) For the moment, as the Sarah Connors Chronicles is coming to a season ending and  I await the return of the exciting  “Burn Notice” series, Leverage will be added to the shrinking group of weekly TV series I like to watch. Two of  the shows I watced regularly the 4400 and the Dead Zone were cancelled before the start of last season. Another, Battlestar Gallactica, is set to offer up the final episodes in the New Year. So hopefully Leverage will offer up some dramatic distractions over the winter.


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