Posted by: thescoundrel | December 9, 2008

Obama Ally Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Arrested

Reports are that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has been arrested for attempting to gain financially from his authority to select his political buddy’s, President-elect Barack Obama,  successor as US Senator for the State of Illinois. It seems Blago is also in trouble for attempting to intimidate the Chicago Tribune by withholding state funds. 😳 How embarrassing for political allies Gov. Blagodabitch, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and President-elect Obama! Unless a coverup can be implemented quickly this could be an eye-opening sign of things to come for Illinois politicians and a nation that has just elected one of the same Chicago Gangster Wannabe Group as President of the USA. They all have political/money trails leading back to convicted criminal Tony Rezko. It has just been days since it was announced that Blago had been recorded being bad during a federal probe. Blagodabitch has been under investigation for political transgressions for a long time now. Blagodabitch, like Obama, has never been officially charged with any illegal actions in connection to Rezko. Still with Rezko and his associates singing to Federal Investigators it was only a matter of time until the probe started connecting dots in a manner that would lead to the arrest of important Illinois political figures. The Rezko Train is singing the Folsom Blues and the real question is — Who’s next? I have said this before- If I were Tony Rezko and his political choral group: I would be screaming for complete protection from the likes of Daley, Blagodabitch and Obama. Those good-old-boys have a lot to lose politically and financially. And they have all the right connections to make the Tony Rezko Choir disappear under Chicago (and very soon Federal) Concrete. Maybe the State should get opening up Thompson Prison on the fast track. That way the seat of government for the State of Illinois and maybe even federal government could be easy access for West Central Illinoisans. Pass the Cracker Jack, Sno-Caps and Mt. Dew the show has started.

Happier times for the three would be king makers?


  1. Is there any way to give an enima to government?

  2. Now I am not officially saying that our government is one very large sack of poo. But –> Would there be anything left if it were possible? 😉

  3. There is no tape recording of Obama offering favors for that house or whatever else with Rezko or any of these guys, but I guess you can still dream. Or maybe you could start a chain email about it.

    I’m actually surprised that this is what did Blago in. I always thought it would be one of his older schemes that would eventually catch up with him, not something this new.

  4. […] (1) Obama Ally Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Arrested (2) Corruptocrat alert: Blagojevich taken into custody by FBI; conspired to sell/trade HHS […]

  5. Hmmmm, I wonder who “Candidate 5” is? Or Candidate 1, who Obama preferred—-Valerie Jarrett, maybe?

    I just love a good crime mystery!

  6. The Good Time Politics link above is interesting.

    Pioneer I have not heard of any tape of Obama offering bribes. Of course that does not mean it does or does not exist. Personally I think Obama is way too intelligent to allow himself to be compromised as easily as Blago was. Of course Blago is arrogance personified. Plus Obama has way more political protection than Blago does. On the other hand Blago is a loose cannon that could bring down Daley and Obama. They are all peas in a pod. All Blago has to do is point fingers and he becomes a threat. The finger pointing would not even have to be true. If Blago goes to trial there are a lot of Democrat and Republican politicians that will be sweating. If I were Blago I would be watching my back and having all my modes of transportation checked over and over and over again.

    This sure sounds like a movie of the week in the making QCEx.

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