Posted by: thescoundrel | December 10, 2008

For Sale – One US Senator Post from Illinois

  • No Experience Required.
  • Must be willing to file as Democrat.
  • Hours and tasks may vary.
  • Must be willing to regularly Kiss Ass of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.
  • Job and advancement opportunity requires MORAL FLEXIBILITY – Polished ability to lie, cheat and steal helpful.
  • Federal and State Political Connections are an added extra fee.
  • Highest bidder will fill position.
  • Estimated price $1 million cash up front plus other fringe compensations.
  • Unlimited graft earning potential.
  • Perfect Job for Power Hungry Individual. Last individual to acquire the office is now President-elect of the United States.
  • Great Christmas or Birthday present for that special someone that already has everything money can buy.
  • Interested parties should immediately seek out Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.


  1. How sad and how true. Can’t someone pass a law allowing an open season on Corruptus Annus’s? Visit me at:

  2. S, what you propose is about as rational as what others are suggesting.

    Some, including PEBO (president-elect Barack Obama) say his replacement should be via open and free election. But there are some problems with that:

    1. It would cost millions of $$$$, which we don’t have,

    2. It would probably be held in the dead of winter (OK for Cairo, not so OK for northern IL), which would suppress turnout even more,

    3. The candidates wouldn’t have much time to be vetted (although that worked to PEBO’s advantage),

    4. Doesn’t leave much time for fundraising, which means millionaires would have an advantage (still), and

    5. Backlash could cause seat to be won by Republican, which is OK with me.

    But #5 is why Harry Reid and the entire Democrat Senate caucus signed a petition saying they would not seat ANYONE Blago named and preferred to have the new Senator named by Quinn rather than be chosen by the voters of IL. Obviously, Reid is worried the seat might be taken by a GOPer in an open and free election, while Quinn would obviously name someone from his own Democrat tribe.

    Which is reason enough to go with the election despite #1-4 above. 😀

  3. So, is one of ya’ll planning on running to replace Blago?
    Weather is nicer in Southern Illinois this time of the year, QCEx. But I would not want to live there. I am not fond of snakes, especially rattlesnakes. I am kind of hoping Blago spits in to the wind and appoints someone. The controversy will make for great blogging fun.

  4. Yes S, it’s true—I’m thinking of running for governor on either the Ragin’ Blogger ticket or the Radical Independent ticket (h/t: oracle).

    In either event, I plan to run on the Mrs. Blago platform which is “F**k this s**t”. 😀

    PS: You are so right about the bloggy goodness we will have at Blago’s expense—-Merry Fitzmas!

  5. 🙂 —>

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