Posted by: thescoundrel | December 12, 2008

Blagojevich – Obama – Madigan – Quinn etc – Illinois Politics as Usual

Despite numerous political requests for Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to relinquish his position, he just says NO!  Well 😳 that is embarrassing for Illinois Politicians, especially those in the Democrat Party that have been protecting his backside since he steamrolled in to office on a reform, hope and change ticket. Hmm, that sounds familiar a Chicago ass-kissing Illinois politician offering hope and change and that he will clean up the government. Where have I heard that song and dance before? Oh Yeaahhhh!! I remember. It was the same dog and pony show Illinois politician, his holiness, Pope Emperor Barack Obama used to get elected President of the United States! 😆 In the meantime Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is throwing a Hail-Mary Pass in the justice system trying to get the high courts to declare Blagodabitch unfit to govern. That could work, of course then how long before it would be turned into a regular weapon against all politicians. They are all crooks, especially here in Illinois. But the real reason they want Blago out is not because he was playing pay-for-play politics. The real reason is because he got caught playing pay-for-play politics. There are secondary reasons also. After it was broadcast as a National Scandal across the whole wide world the Illinois Democrats realize they have some serious face saving to do. They (the Republican Party is really no better when it comes to saving face) are all one big happy family when it comes to staying in power. It does not matter how down and dirty one of their members are, they have to find a way to protect the individual from scrutiny (they already tried that with Blago for several years). If that fails then they have to divorce themselves from the individual and cry – We Don’t Know Him! That is what they are doing now. Another secondary reason is that many of those legislators in power put the Democrat party in an awkward position when the Blagodabitch Scandals went into nuclear overload. Many of the legislative members seeking to wash their hands of the scandal about replacing president-elect Obama’s Senator position, spoke before thinking. Well they are politicians, what did you expect? They figured that they could neuter Blagodabitch and look good for the adoring public by vocalizing for cameras that Blago should not be allowed to make the appointment (a really great idea) Illinois should have a special election (a really expensive but probably correct idea) to replace Obama. It looked and sounded good in theory. But now the Illinois State Democrat Part has started to realize that is a dangerous option for self-preservation of the Party. The Blagodabitch Scandal is a deep cut and in a free and open election even in a Pure Democrat-Blue State like Illinois, this kind of deep-cutting scandal could cost the Democrat Party Obama’s Senate Seat. So the Democrat Party has become nervous and is seeking to oust their former comrade Blagodabitch, so that Lt. Governor Quinn can take control of the Governorship and appoint a Party Lackey. Those are the rules they play by. It has not been all that long since the Rock Island democrat party pulled a shifty deal similar to this when Representative Lane Evans was to ill to continue to carry out his duties. They ran Evans in the Primary them announced his retirement after the Primary. Then Democrat party insiders chose Evans lackey Phil Hare as his successor. It was a smart move and the only way Hare, whom the local democrat party has on puppet strings, would have been chosen. He was running almost dead-last in the polls among Democrat voters as Evans’ successor. There were several other candidates that tried to run that the voters preferred. But local Democrat Politburo Insiders wanted someone they could easily control like Hare, so the insiders went against the will of the people and selected Hare. As we citizens of Illinois can see, similar shenanigans are already at play in selecting Obama’s replacement. Illinois Democrat PolitiKs as usual.

We could really use a viable third party, but I fear they would also be sucked into the cesspool that is Illinois Politics also.

QCExaminer has some interesting thoughts about the Democrat fever to quickly oust Blago and appoint Quinn to make a Senator selection. My thoughts are, to steal QCExaminers musical theme, when Quinn selects a new Senator you can sing –> Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!


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