Posted by: thescoundrel | December 12, 2008

Pat Quinn to Save the Day – From Blagojevich

Our buried in corruption allegations Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich, is now facing a legislative coup from a possible impeachment process and/or a possible legal challenge by Illinois Attorney General (a political rival) Lisa Madigan questioning his ability to govern. Meanwhile our State is drifting aimlessly and continues to sink deeper and deeper towards insolvency. Of course these problems are not exactly  new issues. We have had financial concerns and political corruption for years. It is just become a useful tool in the Democrat Party’s desire to remove Blagodabitch from his throne and a way to help them save face by creating Blagodabitch into a scapegoat for our State’s many problems. Our legislators love pointing the finger at someone to blame, other than themselves.  That is not to say Blago is not guilty of transgressions.  Nor am I saying that Blago does not need to go. He does. I am just saying he had a lot of help to get this State to this point, where it is clawing and grasping for lifelines to escape the corruption and red ink quicksand that our State is sinking  in. Still they do not even have Blagodabitch out of office and groups have already anointed Lt. Governor Pat Quinn as the demi-god that is going to stride into the Governors office and cleanup Illinois. Yee-haw! Another 🙄 Reformer Politician? Yikes! How can you reform a corrupted  system  that you are already entrenched in?  Do I hear another Pied Piper playing in the Illinois background? One group already envisions Quinn as the savior that will override the Blago decision to move the ancient Pontiac Prison operations into the much newer unoccupied Thompson Prison. Despondent State Park enthusiasts are singing hosannas to Quinn as he has already promised them he would quickly reopen State Parks that Blagodabitch closed because of Illinois budget constraints. However, Quinn was not sure where he would find the cash to fulfill his promises. Wow I am starting to see a real pattern unfolding here. Is Quinn going to Walk on Water for an encore? Blagodabitch is not even out of office and Quinn is already promising to fly in to save the day! 🙄 Whoo Hoo! A man this God-like needs a theme song! There can only be one theme song that would do justice and honor for such a political savior.




  1. I agree that Pat Quinn may not be the answer to our state’s woes. But he’s got to be better than Blago, right? Unfortunately, I thought that about Blago too when he took over for George Ryan.

  2. When it comes to politicians I trust no one.

  3. I gotta say the actions of our Illinois political class are appalling—maybe worse, if not on par, with Blago’s, who BTW has not been charged with anything yet.

    You’ve covered much of this, but here’s my take:

    1. Lisa Madigan’s grab for power by using the Supreme Court to declare Blago “disabled” is outrageous. Everyone knows this applies to PHYSICAL disabilites, not politically inconvenient behavior to the ruling political party. Her naked power grabbing move to oust Blago via the SC is getting a lot of flack nationally—not just by lawbloggers like Ann Althouse and Glenn Reynolds, but also in the editorial pages of such diverse publications as WSJ and NYTimes.

    2. So far, Mike Jacobs is the only local politico who has come out for an election—Hare, Boland and Durbin (who flip-flopped on his original plan) want Obama’s replacement selected by Quinn. I’m going to email Boland and slap him around for this—disgusting that anyone would even suggest a Chicago politician is honest and capable enough to replace another Chicago politician. Since when have the Dems proven they are able to put the people above their party?

    3. Fitzgerald is also getting flack for his unprofessional behavior and inflammatory remarks in his initial press conference. Calling it a “corruption crime spree” that would make “Lincoln turn over in his grave” and other over-emotional hyperbole will have the effect of poisoning the jury pool and make it harder, if not impossible to find a jury that hasn’t heard his remarks—and this is nationwide, not just IL—disgusting behavior from US Attorney who knows better. His intemperate remarks could have negative consequences on the court’s ability to put Blago away.

    Added to this, is the “a unicorn in every garage and arugula in every salad” belief that Quinn is pushing that once he is governor all this wonderful stuff will be restored that the eeeeevil Blago cut. As you point out, this needed to be done, and attempting it is probably one of the few good things Blago did. Of course, he used this power to help his friends and hurt his enemies, but still—some much needed cuts were made.

    PS: I like your new heading (theme? photo? whatever). It’s nice to actually see something religious at Christmas time. Unfortunately, the snow makes me think my sight is failing. 😀

  4. The more a politician or his supporters demand I trust them, the less confidence I have in their veracity.

    To my knowledge I have never eaten arugula!

    Thanks, the heading is from an old Print Shop Deluxe program I use to make greeting cards. 😉

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