Posted by: thescoundrel | December 20, 2008

California – Sue the Hero for Saving Your Life

I have lost track of the times I have seen Arnold Schwarzenegger and other Hollyweird celebrities sweet-talking TV viewers/potential tourists to come to California and fall in love with the State. I have never been there but it must be a great place since their dairy advertisements keep telling me happy cows and great cheese- only come from California. After a recent California court ruling  – I am not so sure I ever want to visit and find out. The California Courts system has created another in a long line of Crazy Court rulings coming out of the Golden State. They have ruled that individuals involved in accidents can now sue Good Samaritan rescuers for possible injury claims. 😯 According to the California Courts, if you save someone’s life after an accident and the hurt individual feels the Good Samaritan is responsible for part of the injury, the injured party can sue the person that saved their life. The Court deems it is better to wait for the professional rescue team to get there. That may sound idea like a good idea in a practice, though I am not sure if my life were in danger, that I would want to wait for the professional cavalry to arrive before exiting the vehicle. I guess the bystanders should just drive by and wave or stop and offer up some good cheer, old time stories, funny jokes or maybe just some condolences upon their imminent demise. It seems that in California it is better to stand and watch someone die in an accident rather than help out. I suppose that the idea of suing the hero for saving your life should not surprise me from the land run by Hollweirdos.


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