Posted by: thescoundrel | December 21, 2008

Human Cloning -Immortality-Investment–Incest- A Brave New World Production

What do infertile couples, homosexuals, grieving families and financial investors all have in common? Well they are the advertising targets of a company started in 1997 with connected with a UFO group called the Raëlian movement. The group advocates cloning as the path to immortality. That company is called Clonaid. The company specializes in animal and human cloning projects. Their reproductive human cloning operations are banned in most of the world. Yet they claim on their website to have been responsible for several birthed human clones, at a cost that could be as high as $200,000 each. Though they have never offered any positive DNA proof that the babies in question were actual clones. They also offer a service of storing your genetic material for future therapeutic or reproductive cloning purposes. Their website maintains their human cloning service is of great  benefit to those groups unable to reproduce plus a financial opportunity for investors willing to finance their experiments.

Okay I am not a big fan in the idea of reproductive cloning. It reeks of incestuous reproduction. It is a process that will limit the genetic pool as people reuse the exact same human DNA. It is also an idea where society pressure decides the choices of what looks and characteristics a baby will have. Before long, inside and out, you have a planet of Ken and Barbie dolls. Then eventually everyone is cloned/bred into a perfect replication of what society thinks Ken and Barbie should think and act like. They can then be factory designed to match whatever job and/or position of life society predetermined them to perform. Smells like a Brave New World concept to me.


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  2. It is also an idea where society pressure decides the choices of what looks and characteristics a baby will have. Before long, inside and out, you have a planet of Ken and Barbie dolls.

    Even with those social pressures, people would still differ. Look at things people can design, like their house – most people differ in what they want in a house (some people even choosing something different just to stand out), and differ in what they can afford. There is no unanimous agreement on what is the best job or who the hottest celebrity is. I don’t expect diversity will be lost any time soon.

  3. Speaking of dolls, one of the spookier catalogues I ever received was from American Girl or some sort of dollmaker (not sure of the name).

    I have no idea how I got on their mailing list since I don’t collect dolls and Examiner Jr. has always been a wheels and engine type of kid.

    The dolls were very well made and extremely expensive, but what creeped me out was besides standard-issue dolls, they offered dolls made to look like the child-owners. For effect, they had photos of past “dolls” and recipients, and except for being smaller, they were exact clones of their human counterparts—face, hair, expression, clothes—-ewwwww!

    I always wondered about the women who ordered these monstrosities for their little darlings; kids are naturally narcissistic and self-centered and we parents have to work to get them to think of others, rather than just themselves.

    So just what message does it send when a parent presents a clone of the child to a child? I’m not sure, but those doll-clones never failed to freak me out!

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