Posted by: thescoundrel | December 28, 2008

Post Christmas – Pre New Years Thoughts

I took the last few days off from the blogging world. I hope everyone had the best Christmas they could. My Christmas was not an oil gusher but it was better and more fun than past Christmas’s since my mothers death a few years ago. The only downside was one person did not make it in and that is okay with me, considering all the bad weather we had. Better safe than sorry. I also hope everyone that was having a good Christmas holiday took the time out to do something for others that do not have the chance to have a good holiday. It is the Good Samaritan thing to do. It is also very healthful for your soul. I get more enjoyment out of giving gifts to others, than all the gifts I could possibly receive.

The New Year is just days away. The continuing Blagodabitch/Obama scandals assures some early New Year political soap opera blogging. 🙂 With the new incoming Chicago Thug politically connected administration, political blogging should be interesting for at least four years. I am sure all of the Scoundrelly –>Democrat, Republican and pick-a-party Scalawag candidates are already filling out their notebooks with greedy ideas to fleece the voting sheep of the USA. They will huff and puff until they blow the house down then move to the next building. Of course if huffing and puffing don’t do the job theses guys will just use the political and legal system to make their power play dreams come true! Sigh!!

Though I have not blogged about it, I am still very angry at the Chicago Cubs for forcing Kerry Wood to another team for the next baseball season. He was a quality dedicated team-loyal Cub player. This move makes me even less of a Jim Hendry fan, if that is even possible. The rest of the off-season management moves have also left me underwhelmed. I am attributing most of these lack of moves to the unknown ownership situation. The good old boy hierarchy inside MLB’s attempt to control the purchase is also having it’s effect on player signing developments. I dislike Bud Selig even more than I do Jim Hendry. And our pay-for-play Governor Roddy Blagodabitch had his hand stuck out for payola concerning the ball clubs future. Arghh!

I have not blogged much about Da Bears season, but really there has not been that much positive to blog about. They have looked mediocre at best this year on both sides of the line. The few highlights have been rookie Matt Forte’s running the ball and Orton’s early season passing game, up until he got injured. Since then he has been just getting by. If by some miracle they make it into the playoffs, my expectation meter is set at low. My recommendation for the 2009 Bears: Draft a lot of big mean ugly Offensive and Defensive  lineman on draft day Lovey. The kind that think it is funny when someone hits them.

It worked well last year so this year I am once again making only one New Years Eve Resolution. It is the same one I made last year. So my New Years Resolution is –> to not make any New Years Resolution other than not to make any New Years resolutions. Ya can’t go wrong with that choice – All I have to do is not make any crazy resolutions I am not going to keep anyway.

🙂  Have a Happy New Year! 🙂



  1. Happy New Year to you. I like your resolution, can I borrow it?

  2. Borrow all you want. I do not have a copyright on New Years resolutions. 😉

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