Posted by: thescoundrel | December 29, 2008

Israel on the Gaza Conflict – War to the Bitter End

Israel is claiming the current Gaza assault is – “War to the Bitter End.” I suppose “the bitter end” is adaptable to whatever the two sides eventually determine what those words define. And despite the facts that this battle is just a reflection of a much longer and larger never-ending conflict for the whole region, the stories coming out of the area are tragic reading and viewing. A fact of war and violence is that tragedy happens to both participants. Until the conflict is settled there will be cross-contaminating hatred, violence and death. And in this case even after a settlement there will eventually be more cross-contaminated hatred – leading to more violence and death. Neither side can expect much help in settling the dispute. Their best hope should be the United Nations. But that organization is as useless as teats on a boar at their best efforts. The only way this event will calm down is when one or both sides of the equation have satiated their blood lust. Of course if the citizens in Gaza that are crying foul about the violence were anything other than sheep, they would remove the harm. Ideally a trip to the bargaining table would be the best option for both groups. But as long as they allow Hamas to launch explosives over the Israeli border, they risk Israel retaliating with aggressive retaliation. Nor will that get Israel to the bargaining table. Personally since Hamas seems to think launching weapon across the border is the only bargaining chip they have, I feel Israel is within its rights by retaliating in return. The citizens in Gaza only have three real options left at this point. They can band together and stop the Hamas attacks -then deal with Israel diplomatically.  They can band together and move away from the violence leaving Hamas exposed to face the retaliation like warriors, as Hamas and Israel compete in battle. Or they can choose option three, which is what they seem to be doing, allow Hamas to hide among the citizenry, like girlymen, risking their family’s lives as Hamas and Israel battle. But as long as they allow groups like Hamas roam free and unchecked to attack Israel this will be the result- more violence and bloodshed. But that seems to have become normalcy for the Middle East. To quote the philosopher –Forrest Gump– –> “Stupid is – as stupid does.”



  1. To all persons who still consider them humans, when you see Israeli army kill civilians, bomb their homes, bury them alive. and you still think that Israel has the right to defend itself, what a big lie, if someone threw you a stone ,will you respond by firing a rocket over him.
    Suppose the reverse happens, and the jews are the side to be killed and tortured by Hamas, anyone will feel the same.
    I feel depressed from these scenes and have no thing to help these poor people.
    Israeli, you will go to the hell at the end, any side supporting you, will see the worst but at the end of their life.
    Waleed Mohammad
    Disappointed Egyptian citizen

  2. It is that kind of thinking that prolongs this violence. A stone can kill as well as a bullet. But Hamas is not launching stones they are launching explosive rockets into Israeli territory. There are no clean hands in any war. And yes I do think that Israel has the right to defend themselves from the Hamas rocket attacks. Is it moral? It certainly is no less moral than Hamas continuing to launch rockets at random targets inside Israel.

  3. Israel has promised all-out total war and I hope they stick to it.

    The only way this problem will ever be resolved is when one side or the other finally achieves its aims.

    For the Hamas, that would be driving Israel into the sea; for Israel peace will come when they kill enough terrorists to make terrorism an unpopular policy.

    One thing we’ve learned in our long war against terrorism is that you cannot wage a PR war where nobody gets killed and expect to win—you’ve got to kill as many of them as you can.

    It’s Israels only hope and I pray they will tell the “international community” which is howling in outrage to go Blago themselves. 😀

  4. This war is just a small section of the much larger Arab/Israeli conflict that has been going on since the beginning of human sentience. There are only three ways the overall conflict will ever be solved. One choice – Both sides get their fill of spilling blood and realize just how stupid they are acting by centuries of revenge battles. Another choice – one side or the other accepts unconditional surrender. Or the third choice- all the women lock their bedroom doors and tell the guys no more nooky until they quit fighting.

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