Posted by: thescoundrel | December 30, 2008

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich Defies Critics and Appoints Obama Successor

Defying his many critics, Federal/State legislators and any possible legislative hurdles he faces: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has appointed former Illinois AG Roland Burris to fill the Senate seat being vacated by President-elect Barack Obama. Illinois State legislators have been looking for avenues to keep Blago from appointing a new Senator since the scandal broke where Blago is caught on tape playing Lets-Make-a-Deal for the vacant Senate seat. They have continuously asked for Blagojevich’s resignation and are attempting to proceed with impeachment measures against the Governor. Mostly they are just looking to save face from the embarrassment Blago has brought on the State and the Illinois Democrat Politburo. They hope to appoint their own political puppet into the Senate seat and avoid allowing the public to choose Obama’s replacement. US Senate Leader Harry Reid has threatened not to seat anyone Blago nominates to the position. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has also threatened to attempt to block any nomination for the Senate Seat by Blago. This could be a difficult appointment for anyone to challenge. Burris is from downstate Illinois and has at least a small measure of separation from the Richard Daley Chicago Thug Political Machine. He is African-American and no major scandal currently enveloping the man. No Current Major Scandal 😯  shoot for an Illinois politician that is almost Mother Teresa credentials. Any type of challenge by the state legislators will reek of Chicago Bully tactics. Any type of Federal challenge will also be a black-eye on the Democrat Party considering this is the party that cheered and clapped for William Jefferson following his legal issues. Burris is probably as clean of a politician that Illinois has to offer. Even cleaner than Prez-elect Obama. Like him or hate him -Blagojevich has always had a stubborn Maverick quality when making political decisions. I think it is a coy move that will put State and Federal legislators in tough political positions if they try and stop the selection. This is an interesting choice by Blagojevich. How the events progress should make for an interesting New Year.


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