Posted by: thescoundrel | December 31, 2008

Hypocrite Obama Just Says No to Burris Selection

His holiness Pope Barack Obama the first has went on record saying that Rod Blagojevich’s selection of Roland Burris, despite Obama  acknowledging Burris as a worthy candidate,  should not be allowed to be seated into the Obama vacated Senate seat. Oops 😳 how embarrassing for Pope Obama –> the Mr Hopey-Feely-Changey candidate that ran his whole campaign informing the voting public that they should pay no attention to those creepy crawler Obama political connections when deciding to cast a vote for the “Holy Obama”.  I guess what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander. We were to forget all the creepy crawler Obama connections, but though Obama admits Burris is politically clean and worthy of the position –> the State of Ilinois, the US Senate and all the “good 🙄 little Illinois politicians” rushing to block the Burris selection should blackball Burris because he is associated with and appointed by the “bad little governor” Roddy Blagodabitch.  Politcs as usual from Barack “Hypocrite” Obama.

Okay I am one of those that is currently thinking that  a special election is probably the only way that the State of Illinois can hope to reduce the stench that will surround anyone taking over the vacated Obama Senate seat. But that is not why  Obama and the Illinois Democrat Politburo is attempting to block the Burris selection. They do not want an election. They could lose an election. Who knows an election might see a third-party candidate  step-up and surf the current State corruption waves into the Governorship! The legislative hypocrisy is that if Blagodabitch had not selected Burris, Burris could have been a darkhorse candidate from prospects to replace our current governor. He would not have been my choice but he certainly has the credentials. But the Illinois Democrat Politburo wants to hand select a political puppet they can guarantee control of while using a ruse of fairness in the selection. The person they would want is  also a  candidate that they can market and is a lock in as a re-electable incumbent in the next election. That would be  similar to the process they used to put Phil Hare in to office when Lane Evans was too sick to continues his 17th district of Illinois House of  Representatives position.  A selected, not elected, Senate candidate, whether by Blago, Pat Quinn or the Illinois legislation will still have that scandal smell. Welcome to the World of Illinois politics.


  1. The danger of having just one is when that one thinks they are the only one deserving. This is a quota that is determined by the size of one’s ego. The problem for Blacks is Obama hasn’t truly decided if he actually is one. We must be careful when deciding the future based on what only one did. Burris deserves a chance and he’s more qualified than Obama.

  2. Not only is Burris more qualified than Obama, he is more qualified than Caroline Kennedy and Biden’s family retainer.

    If the US Senate Democrats can seat an @ssclown like Franken, they should damn well seat Burris.

  3. I think the Blago move to nominate Burris is a smooth move for Blago and a disaster for sitting legislators. Burris is more than qualified for the position. For Blago it deflects a large portion of the reasoning (replacing Obama) for impeaching him. It also partially deflects the news away from his legal problems. The legislators lose whatever path they take in either accepting Burris or rejecting Burris.

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