Posted by: thescoundrel | January 2, 2009

harry reid and the Democrat Led Senate to Rebuff Burris – Must be Racism

I am left to assume from current events that US Senate Majority leader harry reid and the Democrat led Senate are a group of good old boy racists. I am also left to assume the same about our local US Congressman Philobluster Hare and wonder about our State legislators at all levels. All the statements I have read, since the announcement that Roland Burris is to replace Prez-elect Barack Obama, from the various legislators at all legislative levels are various methods on how they are planning to block Roland Burris from being seated as a US Senator for the State of Illinois. Huh!  😯  They all seem to agree that Burris is not corrupt and that he is very qualified to act as a US Senator. And Prez-elect Obama stated over and over again during his campaign not to judge his run for the presidency by the sordid individuals that were his friends, mentors and confidants. So if we are not to judge Burris by his connections and most everyone agrees that Burris is quality Senator material then it must be that the 49 good ol’ white guys sitting in the US Senate and the power mad Illinois State level legislators do not want to offer Burris the job. Now it is easy to ascertain the reasoning at the State level. Those people are all scrambling to look good seeking more power and graft. The reasoning at Senate level is not defensible.  There is no way Burris as a Senator will be of any detriment to any of the sitting US Senators. Nor will it have any major effect on US Congressman Philobluster Hare. When you look inside the Congressional idea box, all that is left for rejecting Burris is that they are all probably harboring racist feelings towards a Burris seating. Who Knew? Well I cannot tell a lie. Having been aligned with both Major Political Parties at different times during my voting eligible years, and through my personal experiences with the members of the Democrat and Republican Parties over the many years – the Democrat party has been far more rife with bigotry and racism than the Republican Party. This has just been their chance to display it to the voters.



  1. The more I read about Reid and the US Senate Democrats, the more it reminds me of Junior High School (now Middle School) with all the trite and trivial school girl cliques and the accompanying pettiness.

    It’s “ooooh, we can’t let Betty Jane hang out with us; she doesn’t wear Bass Weejuns” all over again.


    PS: It also bugs the hell out of me that people like Reid, Menendez of NJ and Schumer of NY (among other Dems) are butting into our business. I suppose they think they are making a public stand against “corruption”, but Senators from NY and NJ don’t exactly have the moral authority to preach to Illinois.

    It really frosts my cookies!

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