Posted by: thescoundrel | January 2, 2009

New Year Same Story – Day of Rage Against Israel

Ah the merry wonderment a New Year ushers into the World. We are barely two days into the year 2009 and the Israel/Hamas battle in the Gaza Strip offer a current world events harbinger of what the New Year almost certainly offers – reruns of New Years Past. Israeli bombings have killed off hundreds of people inside the Gaza Strip. Hamas, pretending to give a hoot about the people of Gaza, have continued bombing Israel and have called for a World Wide Day of Rage against Israel -as the Hamas Militants taunt and hide from Israeli retaliation- behind human shields consisting of everyday men, women and children. The impotent UN decries the fighting between the two factions. But then no one really gives a hoot what the UN has to say. World celebrities, whom all must stay at a Holiday Inn before they give a press conference expressing their opinions on current events, have jumped on the bandwagon decrying the bloodshed. And yet the fighting continues – Surprise-Surprise-Surprise! Here is a thought. This fight is no new event. World Leaders have been trying to figure out how to end this conflict for what seems like forever. It is not going to end over outsiders crying OMG look at all that carnage. You might halt it for a few hours or days but eventually tempers will flare and the war will rage forward again. Many things need to happen if this conflict is ever to end peacefully. First the renegades inside Gaza have to surrender their weapons and quit firing rockets in to Israeli territory. Then a real government in the region needs to form outlawing hate groups like Hamas putting their own violent agenda ahead of the citizens living in the region. Then the Muslim culture needs to formally recognize Israel’s right to exist. Then the rest of the World needs to sit Israel down with the countries in that region and hammer out an agreement that everyone can live with. Then maybe you will finally have peace in the Middle East. Will it happen? Probably not. There are too many hard heads and blood feuds going on in the region. It is highly unlikely that there will ever be peace in the region unless all sides in the conflict get so tired of their revenge driven blood lust they finally lay down their weapons. With all the worries over all the years about nuclear conflict – the Middle East unrest is the most likely catalyst for a nuclear weapons exchange scenario. You cannot reason with individuals/countries that are driven by revenge until “they” recognize their part in what is keeping the conflict alive. There are no clean hands in War only those soaked with blood.

See Ya all for the next chapter/season  of Battleground Middle East in 2010. Same Bat-Time. Same Bat-Channel. That is assuming – we all survive chapter/season 2009.



  1. Jeez, the Israel/Palestine thing really is like Groundhog Day—it’s the same damned thing over and over—which is why I’m hoping Israel breaks the cycle by ignoring cries of “cease fire” and instead destroys as much of Hamas as possible.

  2. If you condone the starving and the killing of innocent children and women in Gaza, then I hope you vanish from this planet, you and your terrorist Israelis that you support. You, obviously, are either an extream ignorant (American) or a real terrorist (Israeli). Don’t give me that “Hamas firing rocket” B.S.!! There is not even a comparison between the destruction ability of both sides. Shame on Anybody to bombard places of worship and schools. This terrorist aggression is only a lesson to the world on how evil the Israelis are and how evil their agenda is. in 2006, Israel commited a similar massacer in Lebanon killing 1000’s of innocent children. Israel is a very bad neighbor and has been ever since its inception. I know for a fact, that even if Israel kills all Arabs and Muslims, they will keep on expanding their illegal settlements until they border another country and start more and more settlements and wars. This is what Israel is all about; Unlimited expansion and killings. To them, a non-jew is a goim, who is not worthy of living.

  3. I have been to Israel and saw one of the targets of the terrorist that threaten their very existence. It was a hotel restaurant. Not a place for the gathering of soldiers, a restaurant where families gathered to eat and it was blown to pieces. What about some of the recent attacks, homicide bombers in markets, Those people are trying to kill Israelis no matter who the are. Those rockets being launched are not being launched at military targets just at Israel in general. And as for the Israelis bombing places of worship, if the terrorists didn’t try to hide weapons in or fire from their so called places or worship maybe they wouldn’t get bombed. GOD Bless and protect Israel.

  4. The Arabs have a long history of being liars!

    The Israels would not be bombing if the Gazens choice of leaders didn’t keep begging for it with there rockets being launched into Israel for years. The Arabs of the world arenot generous to send relief or $ to help the hungry fellow man. The USA has been the most generous with aid & food to the Gazens for Many, Many, Many, many years. The Gazens have been ungrateful & they elected a terrorist group to lead & govern them. The USA tried to help but Scumbag Arafat could not ever be satisfied. Yea he was a big liar too. The Gazens should be less lazy and hunt down and put in jail the criminals that keep launching rockets into Israel. No country would have tolorated more rocket attacks then Israel has. God bless all man kind.

  5. QCEx I agree, it is like a bad nightmare that just keeps repeating itself.

    JackofHeart if you are wishing my demise, you will have to stand in line. There are many others that have made that wish and still more standing in line to do the same. I personally find the whole scenario -as I have stated in previous posts- disgusting and may I add demoralizing. But I do not blame Israel for bombing the Gaza Strip. I am sure all those thousands upon thousands of explosive rockets were launched by Hamas into Israel as a token of kindness. I have said time and time again since I started blogging – there are no clean hands in War. Like sex it takes at least two participants to do it right. Sadly war and conflict is often inevitable. Israel does not wear a white hat when it comes to violence. But then I know of no country that deserves to wear a white hat when it comes to conflicts. But Israel was not the aggressor in this current conflict. Hamas and anyone that supported the 8000 plus rockets that have been hurled in Israels direction are the aggressor in this current battle. In this case Israel has been more patient than I would have been. Is the killing of women and children horrendous? Yes. But no more so than the killing of any other person. War in general is a barbaric event. The disgust of killing other human beings by civilization – is what helps keep it limited. I would rather that there was no killing. But this is a blood feud that has been around almost as long as mankind. But the innocent blood spilled from this current conflict belongs on the hands of Hamas. They have been constantly bombing Israeli territory. Hamas hides among the general populace rather than meet the Israeli forces on a battlefield. That strategy is what creates the death of the women and children you cry for. I worry for them to, but as I said in a previous post the citizens have few options because Hamas and Israel are going to fight until this blood lust is out of their system. The Gaza citizens can capture and disarm Hamas and stop the shelling of Israel. Then the rest of the world could push Israel towards a peace treaty talks. The Gaza Citizens could just move away from the fighting and let Hamaas and Israel fight it out warrior-to-warrior. Or they can stay in the middle of the fighting where Hamas can continue to use them as human shields from the Israeli army.

    Sam I agree the rockets have to stop. Hamas and other terrorist groups must also step down from battle and want to settle this conflict. The same goes for Israel. But I am not seeing much longterm commitment towards ending this blood feud from either side.

    Steve most people I have met here in the US with Arab Nation backgrounds seem just like every other family. They want to be free to worship their God, they want a chance for their family to succeed in life and friendships. I have done business with and befriended people from many family roots and faiths. There are bad eggs in every nation and every faith. Those are usually the ones that get all the press. But most people just want to be able to live their lives with a modicum of comfort. I do not care what faith or country anyone originates from. All I ask is that they treat others with the same respect that they wish.

    The Whole history of the Arab-Israeli conflict is too old to make sense of. The combatants refuse to let go of the old hatred and forge a new path towards peace. That is the problem with blood feuds. It is hard to reach out and shake the hand of the man you know has killed family and friends. And there has been a lot of family/friend’s blood spilled over the history of these conflicts. Until they are capable of doing that – these blood lust events will continue.

  6. I personally believe that this whole thing is nonsensical. This Arab-Israeli conflict has been going on for years! When Israeli troops march into Gaza, do you really think people will stand down and just let them invade their homes? I think not. People come together in moments of disaster and the people of Gaza will defend Hamas and not go out without a fight. I’m not saying I agree with terrorist groups like Hamas but I don’t agree with bombing away at civilian homes as if their lives mattered less because they defend their territory. Thats why I think Israel is taking a very bold step by entering Gaza. Do they not know that there will be Major sabatoge? Hamas will do what any other force would do in a siege and that is, divide their troops with a commander assigned to each, surround the enemy, set up missile and rocket sites, kidnap Israeli soldiers and take out any they believe to be an enemy with the help of civilians. A ground invasion will cripple and weaken the Israeli army. I just hope this time when all is said and done not to many lives are lost.

  7. J – I do not expect either side to do anything different than they are already doing. Will the people in Gaza continue to play the role of Human Shield for Hamas? I fully expect that to be so – Stupid is as Stupid Does. But if that is the role they choose then I cannot hold Israel to blame when civilians get injured.

    But if I were in the Gaza citizens position I would pack up and get out of the way of the fighters from both sides. Dying as collateral damage because the Hamas soldiers are too cowardice to come out of hiding from behind women and children is not the death I would choose.

    If I were in Israel’s position – before I sent in any ground troops – I would do like the allies did during WW2, carpet bomb everywhere. I would bomb suspected military strongholds plus any residential areas I thought necessary to destroy – for a quicker ending. Will they do that, who knows?

  8. I am an average American who never cared for either side and without further research on the subject, I think ( so should you), that if the reckless, cold-blooded mass killings of children by the hundreds after they had been starved by the Israeli blockade for 2 years is not considered terrorism, then what is?

  9. I would call it Israel being surrounded by countries that does not acknowledge their right to exist and being forced by hostile combatants to limit entry and exit. Hamas has launched thousands of rockets into Israeli territory, that is terrorism. One way to limit the rockets is to limit the entry points. I am sorry if children have died over the situation but all the citizens had to do was disarm Hamas and quit supporting their terrorist attacks. Instead they hide, protect and support Hamas. It is horrible when innocents get hurt. But those protecting Hamas are not innocents.

    Jack there is nothing new about that type horrendous activity. It was just back in the 90’s when Bill Clinton did similar to Iraq. He managed to get a world food and medical embargo on Iraq, restricted their air space with our military and that event was estimated to have caused over a million deaths of Iraqi children alone.

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