Posted by: thescoundrel | January 3, 2009

Drive Less Pay More


The Government Taketh as the Middle Class and Poor Get Poorer

For years upon years the government has been trying to find ways to make the US public drive less. The high gas prices last year did just that. Of course the problem is that Government programs suckle off the buxom tax teat that is created from drivers cruising the roads of the United States of America. Now that people are driving less, government legislators are crying that they need more $$$ to fill up the lost revenue as the buxom tax teat needed to pay for road repairs and all those special pork projects is drying up and shrinking. In true government fashion they have formed special committees to study the problem. The answer was clear – increase taxes! That way the fat cats in the government gets their greedy hands on the $$$ by taking more cash out of the pockets of Joe and Jane Average Citizen and making it more difficult for Poor Boy Billy to even start his car. Drive less –  pay more.



  1. hee!hee! “buxom tax teat”?

    I was surprised to see conservative Charles Krauthammer endorse and promote increasing the gas tax in a Weekly Standard article called “The Case For A Net-Zero Gas Tax”.

    As the blurb says it’s “a once-in-a-generation way to weaken OPEC, abolish absurd regulations, reduce greenhouse gases, improve our trade balance, gain significant energy independence, spur conservation—and humble Russia, Venezuela, and Iran.”

    Gee, what’s not to like? *snork*

    It’s a lengthy article that I haven’t had a chance to fully read, but you know something is up when both leftwingers and rightwingers agree on something.

    Here’s the URL; I’m not going to make it active or live, or whatever you call it because I don’t want to go to moderation; also I don’t know if this is subscriber only or not, so here ya go:

  2. The carbon gas tax doesn’t worry me near as much as the city income tax, and New York taxing soda, beer, and music downloads.

  3. The problem with taxes like these and the ones cruiser mentions is that they become permanent and as needs rise -the taxes rise. In many ways this predicament reminds of the governments need to replace cigarette tax money.

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