Posted by: thescoundrel | January 5, 2009

Hamas Promises Israel an Unholy Death Match

The current Israeli/Palestinian warfare has now lasted over a week. Nor does it look like it will subside anytime soon.

Israel has stated that the conflict was a necessary thing to stop the shelling inside its borders by Hamas terrorists. They claim that they are not there to occupy the territory or to unseat the ruling Hamas government. Personally I think any military action that does not include a removal of the Hamas government or a complete neutering of the Hamas military power structure is a mistake.

Hamas on the other side of the conflict has been attempting to rally Muslim support by claiming God favors their cause and that they will “fight until the last breath”. Well good for them. And considering all the loss of civilian life they are causing with their unjust actions in this conflict, their last breath cannot be too soon. The arrogance of the Hamas leadership is killing the people that were elected to protect. What did they expect – that they could go on launching explosives into Israel’s territory and not expect to face any retribution? Then they whine and cry to the rest of the world- help me help me – Israel is destroying our homes, temples, and country plus killing our people. Duh! The Hamas leadership interpretation reminds me of the drunks and stoners I used to contend with when I worked security during college. They always professed innocence of any transgressions and blamed the other guy.

Well there is plenty of blame in the long-term conflict for both sides. But in this particular event, Hamas owns the title of mayhem catalyst. Hamas should be able to understand that if you launch enough explosives at Israel, or any other country, they will eventually retaliate in a military fashion. The military will come in kill people, destroy property and even destroy Temples when you use them as weapons storage. And evidently God is not too fond of Hamas’ diplomacy and battle tactics or an all-powerful God would not have allowed Israel to blow the hell out of their territory. And if God were really on their side they would not need to use their human shields and instead would face the Israeli army like warriors – instead of Hamas cowards hiding in the shadows behind innocents. But after listening to one of the Hamas leaders talk about the current combat, I believe him when he says that they will fight to their last breath. Because I think the last breath he is talking about is the last breath of the civilians that they are supposedly protecting. They are not interested in peace but in maintaining a Holy War against Israel, no matter the cost to their people. That is why all these years instead of trying to live like a neighbor with Israel, Hamas have bombed and attacked Israel with thousands upon thousands of rockets. That is why instead of trying to hammer out an actual diplomatic approach before and during this crisis, the Hamas leadership has refused to honestly seek a political ending to this conflict. That is why Hamas hides behind temples, homes, and citizens – even women and children rather than fight like warriors. Hamas is not interested in protecting their citizens or their property. Hamas is not interested in God’s Temples or God’s motivation. Hamas is not interested in peace with Israel. Hamas is only interested in the demented glory they feel by killing Jews in their insane ungodly jihads.



  1. The men that God made mad,
    For all their wars were merry
    And all their songs were sad.
    (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)
    best regards,
    dan, romania

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