Posted by: thescoundrel | January 6, 2009

Illinois Senator Roland Burris Refused Seating by US Senate

In a scenario that played out as expected – Appointed US Senator from Illinois, Roland Burris, was refused seating by the Democrat Harry Reid led US Senate. That had to be an extraordinary episode – an all white assemblage refusing entry in a government institution to a black man – on a legal technicality.  The scene was described by one individual as like a 1960’s George Wallace moment – similar to when the famed Democrat stridently refused to integrate blacks into all white schools. And though my personal opinion is that the move is mostly political power play posturing (CYA over the stench covering the Democrat Party  by the current Rod Blagojevich scandal) by Barack Obama, Harry Reid, the US Senate and the Illinois legislation – you have to wonder just how much of that George Wallace spirit still lives and breathes inside the Democrat Party. It is very much alive and thriving well inside the Democrat Party. They just pretend it is not there. You have to ask yourself had that been some well connected wealthy white man showing up at the US Senate doors instead of Roland Burris, a black man that had rose to political power from a region of Illinois where black faces are almost non-existent, would Harry Reid and the Senate have handled the situation differently? Of course they would have. At least they did not call in the military, as did George Wallace. Harry Reid and the Senate did not even have the cojones to take responsibility for their action. Instead they laid the blame on Jesse White refusing Burris on the grounds that White has not signed his papers. Jesse White has always seemed like a straight shooter. But my guess in this situation is that State and Federal Democrat Party insiders are pulling the strings on his refusal to sign off on the Burris nomination.  The new Democrat bosses are in charge of the government – but they are still playing politics as usual. And a bit of that famed 1960’s racial prejudice, which has always been there hidden under the Democrat Party facade, is starting to display its presence. Like so many other of the various factions that make up both political parties those in charge are happy to have you on board as long as you don’t challenge their mindset.



  1. h/t to you S—you’re on a bodacious roll!

  2. Thanks but it helps when our US and State Congress are a group of Homer Simpsons.

  3. it’s crazy what Blagojevich has gotten away with already… he’s an international embarrassment

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