Posted by: thescoundrel | January 10, 2009

The Obama-Blago-Reid-Durbin Clown Circus

Caution the following post contains a twisted yet humorous link!

You were warned! 😉

The Circus has stayed in town for the amusement of the whole United Sates of America and the World! Yup – it’s true! The Roland Burris-Rod Blagojevich-Barack Obama-Illinois Congress-Federal Congress-Illinois Supreme Court extravaganza has been extended and held over for worldwide vaudevillian entertainment. This current mess, which could have/should have been avoided had the Democrat party been the real truth-justice-as the American way-crusaders they claimed to be, as they swept power away from the Republican Party during the last couple of election cycles. But they were not/are not any more or less real political crusaders. They are just as dishonest, corrupt and power/money grubbing as the Republican politicians they unseated – perhaps even more. So while the Democrat Party at all levels -State and National- could have avoided the current Blagojevich train wreck in motion, they instead pretended none of the Democrat corruption and power mongering was in motion. They even had the chance to avoid the more current Burris pie-in-their-face move by Blagojevich when he appointed Roland Burris to replace Barack Obama. They could have voted to make a special election, thus stripping the power to appoint an Obama successor from Blagojevich, if they had acted earlier. Nope that would endanger the seat due to the corruption of the Democrat Party that was being exposed. Don’t rock the boat was the motto of those in Charge of the Democrat party members! Sound familiar? Sure it was similar to the games Republicans have been playing as they were slowly losing election after election during the last several election periods. Now that Blago has appointed Burris to replace Obama, the State and National levels of the Democrat Party are scrambling on ways to place their own Party Puppet, owing the power/vote by kneeling before the National Democrat Party, into the seat vacated by Barack Obama. The party philosophy was that the people could not have been trusted to make the right choice – This selection could only belong to Party Insiders!!! The circus surrounding the Obama replacement process continues to entertain. In my post on the previous episode -the US Senate leader, harry reid, was mightily beating on his chest while roaring-  we (the senate) refuse to seat Roland Burris, because of a technicality that Illinois requires the signature of the Illinois Secretary of State on the Burris appointment papers to be a valid document. That meant a legal fight for Burris.  Rut-Rho! Once the court systems get involved the whole game becomes a crapshoot for the players and even more entertainment for the spectators. The Illinois Supreme Court just ruled that the Blago appointment of Burris is valid and does not require the signature of the Secretary of State to be so. (If you consider that it has been stated over-and-over again during the current circus, that it is not uncommon for the Secretary of States to hand the Governor unused appointment documents -except for his validation signature- to fill out any way the Governor chooses. That makes the whole must-sign to validate idea a comical stipulation.) But the Democrat Big Top Circus refuses to stop offering up humorous spectacles on the Roland Burris appointment by Blago. In an event straight worthy of comic book tradition, Illinois Senior Senator Democratic Puppet Dick Durbin has ripped of his suit and tie and flashed the worldwide multitude his red, blue and yellow Superman underoos! [I am not sure how the people at this link managed to catch Durbin and Pelosi (evidently harry reid missed the taping) dancing in for this twisted adult performance. Caution only the healthy, strong and adult should click on this Durbin performance link.] Yup Dicky Durbin that superhero so full of hot air it is rumored he could heat the entire world during a global ice age period. So intelligent that he can add two and two together and get seven. So powerful of a legend in his own mind he can make a national claim that his word is more powerful that the Supreme Court Of Illinois (Isn’t that called dictatorship?)!! Yes Dicky Durbin that all omniscient/omnipotent being from a strange land called Illinois – will fight for truth, justice and the American way by leading the charge to keep Roland Burris from being seated. Of course he is still not claiming that Burris is not worthy of the position, he is till hanging on the technicality that the document has not been properly signed off by state officials. His all-powerful words claiming – No Jesse White Signature then No Seat in Senate for the Roland Burris. (Translation -We are the All Mighty Gods and we will put whichever puppet we choose to replace Obama into his vacated Senate Seat.)  All of this is only making the Obama transfer in to the Presidency an even larger joke than it already is (he has long been a part of this circus for years). I would sing bring in the clowns to the show at this point – but facts are facts, don’t bother- they are already there! They have even invaded the Presidency!



  1. Here is a link to an interesting look by another blogger on the Blago- Obama Senate Seat controversy.

  2. Thanks for the link!

    Durbin’s behavior in this has been disgusting—he obviously has no idea how obnoxious his high-handed rejection of Burris appears to IL voters.

    The sad thing is that Durbin was just re-elected and by the time he comes up for election again, all this will be forgotten and we’ll be saddled with him for another 6 years.


  3. I am betting Durbin is just doing what he is told to do by party insiders – just like Jesse White. Ya gotta cover all the bases if you are the Democrat Party in this mess. Durbin is the perfect person to throw around righteous indignation. He was just reelected in a blue state that will reelect him again if the Party can make this go away sooner than later with only a minimum of scandal. They have a long time to make people forget the scandal before he faces election.

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