Posted by: thescoundrel | January 13, 2009

Obama Seeks to Appoint Tax Evader as Secretary of Treasury

Another in a long line of embarrassing moments for the Pope Barack Obama Administration has surfaced, before his holiness is even sworn in as President. It seems that the Obama choice to head the United States Treasury, Tim Geithner, seems not to understand he has to pay his taxes just like everyone else in the USA. I guess Pope Obama figures tax evaders, rather than someone that is skilled in financial matters, are the superior choice to handle the US Treasury. Maybe Obama and Geithner can compare tax evasion notes with soon-to-be Minnesota Senator Al Franken. Because they are good enuf, smart enuf and doggone gone it – some people like them! Maybe that is the problem.



  1. Interesting article, thx a lot.

  2. I love the fact that everytime Obama’s lack of experience is questioned, his supporters sing in unison: “But he has surrounded himself with really smart and competent people.”

    Well yeah, like a potential Secretary of Treasury who “forgets” to pay income taxes.

    What a hoot—Obama and his posse can do no wrong—the press is spinning this “forgetfulness” as just an “honest mistake”.

    I’m guessing a GOP POTUS nominee for Sec. Treasury who “forgot” to pay income taxes would be pilloried as just another rich, greedy corrupt Republican trying to game the system.

    The hoots just keep coming!

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