Posted by: thescoundrel | January 14, 2009

The California Asking Price – $20000 For a Child Bride

One of the most important things to consider when selling an item is buyers remorse. Buyers remorse happens when a sold item does not live up to the expectations created by the item features  explained to the customer as benefits during a sales pitch. If it happens before the return or exchange period is up, it can have the affect of devaluing the sold item and/or create a situation where the item is returned by the purchaser or demanded by the seller. It is one of just many things in a business deal that can turn sour and ruin the sale.

In a bizarre Greenfield California case – buyers remorse has also created an illegal marriage dilemma.  It seems that a Mexican immigrant sold his daughter in marriage to another man for $16,000 cash plus the groom was to provide the father with 160 cases of beer, 100 cases of soda, 50 cases of Gatorade, two cases of wine, and six cases of meat. It sounds like dad figured out exactly what his asking price was for his daughter. I am too lazy to figure it out but it probably totals less than $20,000 in most places inside the US. In California maybe more. That is about the cost of some weddings I have been stuck participating in.  Worse there was evidently some buyers remorse on the grooms part. Either he did not have enough cash needed to finalize the sale or the goods delivered did not meet his expectations. For the father of the bride filed a report claiming she was a minor and a runaway when he did not get his expected treasures. Oops! The police investigation found out that this was not a runaway but a bride for sale event brokered by a third party. Although arranged marriages for profit are commonplace  in some countries/cultures; they not are legal or really socially acceptable in the United States.  And the Dad now faces felony charges for his part. And if the Dad, Groom and Brides legal issues were not already a problem it turns out the daughter was underage to get married in California.

A problem faced by many immigrants moving into the US – is that in many countries around the World there are more relaxed age restrictions involved when couple choose to get married. In this case the prospective groom was 18 and the daughter was 14. Ouch – that is a tad younger than allowed in most of the United States. Though I disapprove of the whole scenario I will give the individuals involved some slack with the age thing. If you are an immigrant moving in to the US it will serve you well to study the  Laws of the State where you choose to live in. We are one country but fifty States – Not All laws Interchange from State-to-State. This is especially true when it comes to the age of sexual consent laws and the laws involving what constitutes a Legal Marriage. In this case the groom also has legal issues of his own. It seems the couple never bothered to get married though they traveled to Mexico where they could have been legally married. And though they never married they did consensually consummate the relationship.  The age difference between the would-be bride and groom places the groom in legal jeopardy.

The worst part of the whole event is that now three lives are in shambles. The daughter will probably lose her father to jail. The father will have a felony on his record. And the groom faces charges of statutory rape. This was  an illegal business arrangement caused by ignorance of the laws that went from bad to worse.



  1. Jesus Christ…

  2. This is terrible, made me feel rather sick!

  3. this is pretty sickening stuff. But well worth bringing to light.

  4. Gee, having your dad barter you for beer and food is so 19th Century—-modern girls sell their own virginity online for mas mucho dinero.

    That’s progress, baby!

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