Posted by: thescoundrel | January 14, 2009

Who Ordered This Snow

Alright which 😈 Joker was it that ordered this six-plus inches of snow with side orders of gusting winds and dangerous bitter cold dumped on my yard, sidewalks and driveway??? Then whomever ordered it did not bother to pick it up! Now it will have to be shoveled and stacked high! 😥 Not Funny!



  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that the snow-ordering guy is the same guy who ordered these balmy winter temperatures. 😀

  2. I ordered the snow, but only if it came with higher temperatures, like 50.

  3. Ain’t cha learned anything from ordering pizzas over the years? You order it you are responsible for picking it up! I figure I got at least three truckloads of it for ya. 😉

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