Posted by: thescoundrel | January 20, 2009

Hollywood Elitists Feel Above the Law

In my last post I discussed how new President Pope Barack Obama has been using the Hollywood elite to power his campaign. These are the same Hollyweirdos that flaunt their open disregard for breaking the laws of the land. And when they get caught they act shocked that they are expected to be held legally responsible for their actions They feel beyond reproach. One of the more blatant and enduring examples of Hollywood elitism has been the case of Roman Polanski. The man rose up from nothing to become a superstar in the movie industry. So how did this Hollywood Star celebrate his stardom? Well he got a thirteen year old girl drunk, drugged her and  then raped and sodomized her. Then when he was being brought to justice he manged to escape the country. Like so many in Hollywood he felt he was above our justice systems. And he has been avoiding justice for over thirty years. Now the Hollywood elitists are trying to get the rapist record cleaned. No surprise there – they are above the law even when it comes to raping a minor. What the justice system should do is freeze all the US Industry assets from his films and works, then freeze the assests of any company that promotes his works – until the entertainment industry quits protecting the criminal.


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